Bringing Internet To The Far Corners Of The Earth

Google, in an effort to expand internet, has launched a new way to connect people. This new approach involves hot air balloons.

Google is building hot air balloons that float in the sky. Only instead of carrying people, they carry wireless routers. The balloons fly up about twice as high as a plane, and they have to withstand temperatures as low as negative 120 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 80 degrees. This new project is named project loom. Read More>>

Business sector likely to be first to adopt driverless cars by 2025

Lukas Neckermann, business consultant and author of The Mobility Revolution, believes that autonomous vehicles have the potential to reduce road accidents. He believes that automated heavy good vehicles could drive in trains with small gaps between each truck for improved aerodynamics. This offers fuel economy gains of 20-30%, he states that the first logistics company to take the leap will gain significant competitive advantage. These automated vehicles could be adopted by the end of 2025. Read More>>



Startup lands $11 million to help grocery stores turn food waste into organic fertilizer

Brian Valentine, former Microsoft and executive and others have helped Wiserg, a Redmond startup to raise $11 million. The Start up is looking to convert food waste into organic fertilizer. The new funds will be used to help scale the manufacturing of the Wiserg Harvester food waste system, a device that breaks down food scraps at grocery stores into a nutrient-rich liquid. Read More>>

New Facebook Features Provide Training for Marketers

Facebook has launched Blueprint and LearnHow which are courses on everything from how to create an ad to digital buying. Blueprint consists of three dozen online courses about things like campaign optimization, leveraging video on Facebook, and how to effectively measure ads. While LearnHow is aimed at new marketers and small businesses. LearnHow focuses on the basics of advertising on Facebook, with instruction about how Facebook ads work, how to create a page or a custom audience, and how to measure results. Both these tools are available on desktop as well as mobile. Read More>>

Is Colorado Primed To Become The Silicon Valley Of Agriculture?

With the growth of Tech Start-ups in Denver and Boulder, local economists have predicted that Colorado could become the silicon valley of agriculture. As most of these Start-ups in Colorado are , patenting new technologies in irrigation, food science and plant genetics. The industry is exponentially growing in Denver and small businesses are coming out with innovative ideas in the field of agriculture ready to contribute to the marketplace.Read More>>


Obamacare spurred 90 healthcare startups, report says

The Affordable Care Act has driven a rush in entrepreneurship with more than 90 new healthcare companies that have been created since 2010, many with venture capital funding and many aimed at bringing hospitals and physicians software and management services to adapt to new Medicare and insurance payment models. There are five trends to watch out for as the Affordable Care Act turns five, according to colleagues at the PwC Health Research Institute’s new report. Read More>>

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