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Big Data and the CMO: Only the Tech-Savvy Survive

Technology is being used more in the marketing functions, as opposed to being used just as a customer service platform, thus based on this, the International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a study and concluded that By 2018, one-fourth of CMOs and CIOs will share a roadmap for marketing technology. The use of technology and data centricity has become so important to marketers that even tech companies are positioning themselves to target those in marketing roles. The fact that data and software is moving from the ‘back office’ to the ‘front office’ is something that’s been happening for the last couple of years. That’s one of the factors driving companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco to re-focus their sales forces, which have traditionally focused on relationships with the CIO and CTO, to the relationship with the CMO. Read More>>

Wendy’s Drops Soda From Kids’ Menus

Wendy’s has joined its contemporaries in dropping sugary sodas from their children’s meal menus. McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Arby’s and Panera, among others, have already incorporated the same on their menus. Wendy’s’ move, which is already in effect, was first revealed in a press release sent out by the nonprofit nutrition watchdog Center for Science in the Public Interest. They believe that they are taking a responsible step forward that will improve children’s health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children. Read More>>

Looking to Scale Your Sales? Seven Bullets to Dodge

While companies like Amazon started with books. Ebay started as an auction site for collectors. Any company with a huge amount of breadth has to find that first breakthrough to build their business on. Several insights such as combining the need to do your absolute best with pressure from people who have invested and that urges the drive to beat deadlines and grow beyond capacity. Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski’s sales team at Calfinder had just hit $8 million in revenue and he shares his experience on the same with seven bullets to dodge while looking to scale your sales. Read More>>

Yahoo Becomes Mozilla Firefox Default Search Engine

Yahoo has collaborated with Mozilla on a five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop, which makes it the most significant deal for Yahoo in the past five years. The agreement also provides a framework for exploring future product integration and distribution opportunities to other markets, per the companies, which ultimately expands Yahoo’s reach in search and digital content. Read More>>

Taylor Swift “Coincidentally” Launches App After Pulling Music Off Spotify

Within one week of pulling of her music of Spotify, Taylor Swift partnered with American Express to launch a new app that promotes her latest album. Unstaged, an app that lets fans watch and interact with her latest music video apart from links links to purchase Swift’s “1989” album and learn more about her 2015 world tour.  In addition, there are links to other Unstaged-related content which is is a four-year-old concert film series sponsored by American Express. Read More>>

To Blast or Not to Blast?

The entire concept of email blasting divides email marketers like no other topic. Blast is considered as the global warming of email marketing. Some email marketers claim it’s a looming issue, detrimental to the ecosystem and proof that a systematic change is needed. Some use the term for personal gain or profit. Others deny there is any problem at all. The modern marketer feels that the word blast implies that no thought has been put into an email campaign and the term should be banished. Read More>>

YouTube served users malicious advertisements, Trend Micro says

YouTube has become one of the victims of Malicious advertisements. YouTube has redirected more than 113,000 people in the U.S. to harmful websites in just a month. Though online advertising companies try to detect and block such content, some of them get through anyways. Not only were malicious ads showing up on YouTube, they were on videos with more than 11 million views—in particular, a music video uploaded by a high-profile record label. Read More>>

At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce Joins the Analytics Wave

Salesforce unveils Wave, the name for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud; positioning it as the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. The end user does not have to be a technologist to draw insights from analytics in this cloud, because it is designed to let lay users explore data and take action from whatever device they happen to be using.

Fundamentally, this Analytics Cloud makes it possible for companies to deploy sales, service and marketing analytics — or build custom mobile analytics apps — using any data source. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte Digital and Informatica are already using Wave and will be on hand at Dreamforce to demonstrate how it works for their businesses. Read More>>

IPG Begins Buying Local Broadcast Programmatically: Can Target, Retarget Viewers In Near Real-Time

The most significant advancement yet to bring programmatic media-buying to local broadcast television, Interpublic’s Mediabrands unit today will unveil a new platform that will enable its agencies and clients to plan, buy, post and retarget local TV viewers with nearly the same precision as digital media, shifting ad budgets dynamically based on performance and consumer behavior.

This remarkable platform delivers what advertisers, agencies and local stations have been trying to achieve for decades, a direct electronic interchange enabling advertisers to see exactly what local broadcasters delivered in real-time, or as close as current technology can enable it. Read More>>