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Building the Right Team to Scale a Startup

For a start-up, its product and will always remain important. However when the start-up grows, the next step is to build a team of people to serve the clients.
For an entrepreneur, his start-up is like a baby and he is deeply involved with all aspects of the business. But there is a point when being deeply involved limits company’s growth and entrepreneurs should distribute some of his responsibilities to others on the team. Read More>>

How wearables will shape the future of mobile payments

The number of wearables in the market is accelerating and financial service companies think of using them to draw and retain customers. The technology can be used as a new medium to collect consumer usage data. This will help in understanding how consumers interact with money on a daily basis. Companies can then provide a more personal experience based on the usage.
However, there won’t be a one-fit solution to this type of services, as consumers will likely have multiple devices. The technology of this kind is very immature today, but we will see a highly contextual and relevant solution in the near future.Read More >>

Why Investors Rank New Businesses By Leader Quality

It is quite foreseen that investors rank new businesses by leader quality. In other words, the entrepreneur quality is more important than the idea.
Research shows that CEO’s  who received high scores for character also achieved higher business results. The study insists that every entrepreneur needs to understand the importance of character and leadership which is the key to their growth and success, as much as the ability to attract investors. Read more>>

Recipe for success starts with diversity

.Recipe for success starts with diversity. For one Silicon Valley startup, the road to success begins with nontraditional leadership and hiring practices that prove diversity not only exists but can be a competitive edge. A restaurant manager and a former cook don’t fit the profile of the typical Silicon Valley IT startup employee. But they’re just two of the most recent hires at Mindflash, a company that offers an online training platform for enterprises and is taking bold steps to exemplify how diversity can exist in the Valley. Read More>>

You Don’t Need A Digital Strategy, You Need A Digitally Transformed Company

Today’s business world must keep pace with the changing times. The digital or mobile strategy days are behind, but business strategy for the modern world is here to stay. Whether it’s Uber reinventing the transportation business, Instagram changing the nature of photography or Netflix disrupting video content, what binds these companies is they brought digital thinking to the very heart of their companies, not just bolted it onto the side.These are companies founded in a world of new behaviors, inspired by new technology and liberated by new market dynamics. Read More>>