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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

 Kellogg strategy professor Benjamin F. Jones says that one gets stronger through failures is the kinda self advice a person accepts in case of hardships. But however, there is more evidence to prove that the optimists are right. New research on scientists shows that an early failure could breed success, this is true because the frustration of missing out on a grant, fuels the scientists to go the extra mile and improve their methodology thereby in the long run they happen to publish a lot more papers than their counterparts who tasted early success. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of a scientist but researchers claim that the scientist who did not get picked in the early stages show tremendous determination and have major hit papers within the next 5 years. Read More>>


5 ways to cultivate Curiosity

A recent study by Harvard Business Review shows that organisations and entrepreneurs that spark curiosity in their team at all levels have more chances of surviving sudden shifts and economic crisis.This makes the organisation a lot more flexible,sturdier and thus helps to capitalize on new opportunities and build a long lasting company. Although many times we feel less curious because of the work load and lack of time to do fun things like daydream or chase rational thoughts. Luckily, these simple habits will help you stay curious .Read More>>

Who Is Buying Adult Coloring Books?

Adult coloring is currently trending as a pacifying recreational hobby and the demands for adult coloring products have grown dramatically. This hobby is described as an alternate form of meditation for adults. There are various versions designed to cater to different needs. Some adult coloring books focus on floral pattern while others feature inspirational quotes or cityscape. Read More>>

Will Doctors Soon Be Prescribing Video Games For Mental Health?

A California based startup; Akili is going through clinical trials to get approval from Food and Drug Administration. The market for “brain fitness” games is worth about $1 billion. Game makers appeals you by claiming that such games will exercise your memory and you will be able to think faster. However, psychology professor Randall Eagle says that the only thing these games make you better at is the game itself. Read More>>


Creativity is often believed to be a talent, where it’s really more of a skill. Experts believe that the key to coming up with creative breakthroughs at work might be to let the creative side play in the off hours.

Jean Maginnis, founder and executive director of the Maine Center for Creativity in Portland, believes that many people who have achieved such breakthroughs have a common denominator: They engage themselves in creative expression, such as writing, painting, performing, or some other arts-related endeavor. She suggests simpler ways to begin such as jotting down your ideas in a notebook for a week. You may find some gems in the mix to charge your ideas further into a creative explosion. Read More>>

You Call This Thai Food? The Robotic Taster Will Be the Judge

Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra realized in one of her global expeditions that the Thai cuisine available abroad were unworthy of the name. The issue was distressing enough to be raised at a cabinet meeting and the government has decided to unveil a robot to standardize the art of Thai food.

This state of the art robot consists of a boxy contraption filled with sensors and microchips which was developed over a budget of 30 million baht, around $1 million.  It produces a chemical signature, which it measures against a standard deemed to be the authentic version.

Pioneers in nanotechnology wanted the cheapest and easiest

approach to measure food which results in a direct rating of the same. Because even computers cannot judge taste, the food is compared with a standard derived from a database of popular preferences for each dish with 80 being the standardized rating. Read More>>

Pavlok’s Wristband That Electroshocks You For Facebooking Or Skipping Workouts Now On Indiegogo



A startup called Pavlok hopes to raise funds for its new electric shock wrist band by going public on indiegogo. Pavlok intends that its electric shock wristband will make us excersie, wake up on time, and stop procrastinating. The company is looking to raise $50,000 for production and manufacturing of the wristband, which it plans to ship in March 2015. Read More>>