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3D Robotics Opens Its Flight Control App For Drones To Developers

The largest U.S.-based drone manufacturer, 3D Robotics, announced the launch of its open-source Tower flight control app for drone copters and planes on Android phones and tablets. The app gives users a few new ways to talk to their drones, but far more importantly, it offers developers a new way to build new features for drones into the app without having to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch. Read More>>

Smart scarf carries multimodal language to convey emotions

As the popularity of wearable continues to grow, researches at University of Maryland and Microsoft Research team has come up with a wearable concept that could aid in interpreting emotions. People with impairments, for instance, may not receive important visual or verbal cues of others’ emotions. The researchers identified six actuations to provide a multimodal language for conveying emotion – heat, cooling, music, weights, vibration, and lighting. The device can react to various emotions. They focused on basic emotions: stressed, sad, calm, happy, and excited. Hence this system is called as SWARM. Read More>>

Is Google’s Schmidt Right? Will the Internet Disappear?

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google feels the internet will disappear soon. Eric feels that at one point there will be so many IP addresses, device sensors etc that internet will be a part of our life even without us knowing. Thus his statement tthough misleading but true as people in the future will become so accustomed to using the Internet in so many different contexts that they won’t think about ‘going online’ in the way we do today. Read More>>

Intel Launches Internet Of Things Platform

Intel’s  Internet of Things (IoT) Platform consists of a device reference model for Internet-enabled devices that utilizes the company’s hardware and software. The market for loT is expected to reach $7.1 trillion in sales by 2020. Intel has partnered with a handful of consultancies, including Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Dell, HCL, NTT Data, SAP, Tata Consultancy, and Wipro in order to ensure the continued involvement in IoT development and deployment. Read More>>

Drone delivery nets could be the mailboxes of the future

The drone technology seems to be progressing quickly and it may not be too long before they start dropping our mails and packages at our doorsteps. But the logistics of how the vehicles can safely navigate fences, pets and small children have to be worked out. A pair of Australians believe they have the answer, with a system that sees drones zero in to drop deliveries into a purpose-built net, guided by LEDs to ensure centimeter-perfect accuracy. You can check out the team’s video submission to comprehend the same. Read More>>

Intel turns to light beams to speed up supercomputers

In order to move data at a breakneck speed in supercomputers, Intel will start using light pulses to achieve the same. This predetermined move will yield potentially massive advances in high-performance computing. This technology will use optical cables than conventional copper wiring for linking computing and storage units. The faster data movement should improve system performance overall. For Intel, optical technology is also key in surpassing the milestone of exascale computing, in which supercomputer performance is more than 1 million trillion calculations per second. Intel wants to achieve the same by 2020 to 2022. Read More>>

The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It

The Web that constitutes the Internet is under plight and the way it’s dying has higher implications than almost anything else technology has ever seen. The credit for the same goes to the mobile apps that have a fundamentally different function from the way the Web does.

Studies show that 86% of our time are spent in apps while just 14% is spent on the Web. Faster and easier to use – everything about apps feels like a win for users than what came before. But experts believe that underneath all that convenience is something sinister.Read More>>