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Artificial Intelligence Is Improving How Companies Do Business

With the advance of technology, AI is everywhere, improving the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. Every day, AI seems to find new ways for entrepreneurs to find and serve customers. Adam Pah, clinical associate professor of management and organization at Kellogg, highlights some of the significant trends in Artificial Intelligence that are changing the way companies address their customers. These are: natural language processing and machine-learning software which help companies gather feedback from the customers efficiently; making smart recommendations. But, the increased presence of AI trying to improve customer service lead to privacy concerns that are still being addressed. Read More >> 

Can Emotions Be Automated ?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming a big part of any business development but, machines are useless when it comes to strategy execution, relaying only on non-verbal language of collective emotions. Indeed, AI has not yet been able to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to gauge how efficient strategy execution is, making it quasily impossible for a business to entirely switch to automation. But, the possibility of an emotional artificial intelligence seems to be closer and closer. This could benefit research and applications in related fields, improve well-being beyond production and have a significant impact on the working-class society. Read More >> 

Sure, Industry Outsiders Can Bring Fresh Ideas. But, Are They Better Entrepreneurs?

Nowadays, when thinking about entrepreneurs, we think of young, free-spirit individual who would like to challenge the status quo early in his career. But, research has shown that most successful entrepreneurs are middle aged. Indeed, they have years of experience in the industry under their belt so, understand how the game is played. It is then much more likely for their venture to breakthrough as a success. But, it takes more than experience to be a successful entrepreneur. Factors like human, social and financial capital are essential to any entrepreneur’s growth, young or not. Read More >> 

AI = Artificial Imagination ?

Could it be possible that machines have imagination and can be innovative? Deepfakes, latest trend proves that Artificial Intelligence (AI) might have master how to trick the eyes. Indeed, a recent video from Samsung shows the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa talking and realistically moving. To generate this type of “deep fakes”, the computer essentially generates different numbers associated with the path pixels of an image should take when a human face move. These numbers are estimated based on examples of human expressions and transferred to the machine, which “learns” how to auto-generate the different results just like a calculator would. If imagination is generating new data, self-learning computers can be considered imaginative and in the future could be able to generate their own content without human intervention. Read More >>

How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth ?

Since the 1800s, productivity is increasing in the US with no clear reason of why it is happening, with different flux for certain years as well as up and downs for some industries. Professor of finance Dimitri Papanikolaou has thought on the question and believes, as many, that innovation and technology boosts the productivity differences over time. But, how can we measure innovation ? Papanikolaou and his collaborators created a novel measure of innovation relying on the quality of patentand how different it is from earlier ones in its field, but not all innovations were patent especially prior the 1940s, making it impossible for them to be analyzed. Therefore, to measure the innovation, Papanikolaou decided to explore different methods such as analyzing the patent text as a quality test, predicting the productivity based on the quality of the patent and lastly drew conclusions on the future of patents and innovation, proving that innovation and technical progress correlated with productivity. Read More >>

Deloitte reports on technology forces reshaping space sector

“Space, the final frontier”, says Spock in the opening lines of Star Trek. The show is one of a multitude of different pop culture phenomena that flourished largely due to the fascination of humanity as to what must lie in the unknown that our planet floats through. We are lucky enough to live in a time where this frontier is being slowly and surely penetrated through the efforts of private companies and governments alike. The company Deloitte publishes yearly reviews on the general technology trends happening in industry but this year released a publication on trends in technology shaping space travel in particular. Debra Werner of reports on some of these trends. You may have the technology of the future in your home already. Read More>>

As researchers pursue links between bacteria and human health, startups stand to benefit

In 2009 The National Institute of Health discovered that there was a direct correlation between gut bacteria and overall human health. This encouraged many investors to start to look towards investing in companies who are willing to commercialize tools that can help discover this correlation. Startups like: uBiome, Viome, Finch Therapeutics, Kallyope, Second Genome, Human Longevity, Maat Pharma and Seed have raised over half-a-billion dollars in just these few short years. Some of these companies sell to big pharma, while others sell directly to consumers. These consumer first companies offer an at home microbiome kit to customers and then offer feedback on what possible changes these consumers can make in their diet to improve their overall health. Read More>>

The Eureka Moment Myth

Every hardworking innovator dreams of the day that they might by happenstance stumble across the next big idea. This popularized picture of success — in which smart people have a world-changing idea dropped into their laps — is rampant within the entrepreneurial community, perpetuating the idea that simply being in the right place at the right time is enough to create an innovation that becomes a household name. Greg Satell of sets the narrative straight by breaking down the popular story about the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928. While it is enticing to believe that he was able to walk into his lab and miraculously turn the antibiotics that he found there into a commercially successful, life-saving drug, the truth of the story is something quite different. Why should you discard the idea of success hinging upon a “eureka moment”, and what is the actual process of developing a great idea into a successful one? Read more>>

Why The Semi-Nomadic Himba Are So Good At Thinking Outside The Box

Stepping out of your comfort zone is something that people are encouraged to do since they are young. However, people are reluctant to trying new methods of doing things especially when the method they are using seems to be working perfectly fine. Psychologists call this way of thinking, cognitive set. Sarah Pope a neurologist from the University of Texas at Austin wanted to explore this way of thinking and see if it was natural human instinct, or was developed from Western way of living. Pope found exciting results when running tests on both Western and non-Western humans that may help psychologists to answer many other questions about humans flexibility when thinking.  Read More>>

These Electric Planes and Flying Taxis are the Future of Aviation

The future of the aviation industry has a whole new concept to it and not only will the economy benefit, but the ecosystem will also see some major value from it.  Electric planes and taxis have been an idea for decades but it is now showing to make some major leeway into actually happening. Both U.S and European companies are racing to launch their electric airplanes to see who can turn a profit first. European airline, Easy-Jet is anticipated to introduce a nine-passenger prototype that will fly next year. While Uber has the hopes to start promoting their flying taxis by 2023. However, will these companies be able to meet these ambitious launch dates?  Read More>>