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How Do You Lift A Million Pounds Of Stainless Steel? Very Carefully

Inside a lab near Washington, D.C., there is a stack of stainless steel that weighs a million pounds. It’s part of a unique machine that was built in 1965 and just refurbished for the first time. It’s a device that measures force, and it needs to be calibrated. The machine does precise measurements of huge forces for clients like aerospace companies or the military — or others who need. Read More>>

The Tiny Startup Racing Google to Build a Quantum Computing Chip

Rigetti Computing, a two-year-old startup is trying to build the hardware needed to power a quantum computer, which could trounce any conventional machine by tapping into quantum mechanics. It aims to produce a prototype chip by the end of 2017. The plan requires Rigetti to make leaps of science and engineering that have so far eluded government, academic, and corporate labs.
Rigetti has so far raised $5 million in funding and employs about 15 people. It provides best environment for solving the big challenge of scaling up qubit technology, and the company hopes to raise more money and add employees as needed.Read More>>

New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light

NASA’s new $16 million probe, called the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout will use solar sail to reach its destination. Solar sails are made of ultrathin, highly reflective material. When a photon from the sun hits the mirror-like surface, it bounces off the sail and transfers its momentum to the spacecraft. The continuous thrust provided by sunlight will accelerate the probe to a speed of 28.6 km/s relative to the sun. Read More>>

Party Like It’s 2500 B.C.: Feasts At Stonehenge Were Epic Barbecues

The people who built Stonehenge were duly fuelled by feasts of barbecued pork and beef, according to a major study of pottery and animal remains from a nearby settlement. The Durrington Walls village, about 2 miles north-east of Stonehenge, is thought to have been inhabited during the monument’s main construction period – about 2700-2300 BC – and probably housed the people who built it. The festivities would have been something like a big barbecue that people from all over Britain came to celebrate, says Tim Darvill, an archaeologist at the U.K.’s Bournemouth University and a leading Stonehenge scholar. Read More>>

Space tech meets aviation: The hypersonic revolution

SpaceLiner is a revolutionary hypersonic space plane concept capable of flying some 50 passengers across the globe at speeds of up to 25 times the speed of sound.The SpaceLiner is a result of 10 years of ongoing research by the Space Launcher Systems Analysis (SART) department at the Institute of Space Systems in Bremen.  The hypersonic jet would be made up of a booster and a passenger stage, which separate after being propelled into the mesosphere. However, according to SART’s estimates SpaceLiner flights are still a few decades away, maybe as much as 30 years. Read More>>


Cloning Your Dog, For A Mere $100,000

Ken and Henry are two of about 600 dogs that have been cloned by scientists at Sooam Biotech, a suburban company near Seoul, South Korea. Both dogs are tan, gray and white, with similar markings but have different color collar for identification.

Most of the dogs cloned so far have been for grieving pet owners. Some have been for police agencies looking for special skills — bomb-sniffing, for example. Read More>>

Astronauts Sent Whiskey, But Even Without Gravity They Can’t Raise A Glass

Japan sent a cargo shipment to the International Space Station with nearly 10,000 pounds of much needed supplies. Among the shipments were Whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. However, the bottles will not be cracked open as they are a part of a scientific experiment to see how the “mellowness” of the spirits is affected by microgravity and by lack of convection. Read More>>

Elysium Space Finds A Taker For Its Moon Memorials

A San Francisco based company Elysium Space is all set to launch its space burial service.  Elysium has designed small metallic cubes to hold portions of the cremated remains of loved ones and its now selling a service to launch clusters of these capsules into orbit or land them upon the lunar surface.  The first burial will be the mother of Steve Jenks who lost her life to cancer. Read More>>

Who Is Buying Adult Coloring Books?

Adult coloring is currently trending as a pacifying recreational hobby and the demands for adult coloring products have grown dramatically. This hobby is described as an alternate form of meditation for adults. There are various versions designed to cater to different needs. Some adult coloring books focus on floral pattern while others feature inspirational quotes or cityscape. Read More>>