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Special Report: How Sony Systems Were Hacked

The hack into computer systems at Sony Pictures resulted in the release of numerous confidential corporate documents and email files. How these confidential data was released has been solved by investigators.

According to the investigators, The hackers apparently gained access to Sony’s systems by obtaining the login credentials of a high-level systems administrator in Sony’s I.T. department. Once the credentials were in the hands of the hackers, they were granted “keys to the entire building. Read More>>

Justice Department Warns Apple that Encryption Can Kill

Smart Encryption is not loved by everyone, but the question is can it be fatal? A senior official from the U.S. Department of Justice recently told Apple executives that strong encryption could lead to a scenario in which a child could die in a kidnapping case if police couldn’t access the information in a smartphone taken from a suspect. Both Apple and Google said they would provide secure, end-to-end encryption technology by default in their mobile devices running iOS and Android, which means that they would not have access to their users’ private encryption keys, making them unable to adhere to the demands by law enforcement officials to turn over data from the phones. Read More>>

Hagel Lists Key Technologies For US Military; Launches ‘Offset Strategy’

After several months of build-up, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel formally launched the military’s quest for a combination of new technologies. This was to maintain America’s military supremacy over the next 20 years in the face of Russian and Chinese challenges. Hagel divulged some crucial details as to how America could preserve its endangered technological superiorit and all the details have been stated in Hagel’s memo which the Pentagon has released. Some of the priorities include Robotics, miniaturization, Big Data to name a few as Bob intends to move the Pentagon firmly into the robotic age. Read More>>

The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It

The Web that constitutes the Internet is under plight and the way it’s dying has higher implications than almost anything else technology has ever seen. The credit for the same goes to the mobile apps that have a fundamentally different function from the way the Web does.

Studies show that 86% of our time are spent in apps while just 14% is spent on the Web. Faster and easier to use – everything about apps feels like a win for users than what came before. But experts believe that underneath all that convenience is something sinister.Read More>>

Obama Pushes FCC for Net Neutrality, Angering ISPs

President Obama called on the FCC to develop the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality. It was recommended by the President that the agency reclassify broadband as a telecom service rather than an information service, a move that would be popular with consumers but unpopular with Internet service providers. This is also known as Title II or common carrier, which would give the FCC more authority over broadband providers than it has now. If the proposed approach goes into action, the President would likely face a huge fight from ISPs. Read More>>

Computer experts push Supreme Court to hear Google’s appeal in API copyright case

The Supreme Court was urged to review a controversial ruling that allowed Oracle to claim copyright on APIs, which are an essential building block for many everyday software operations by a group of prominent computer scientists. The brief was filed in support of Google which lost earlier in May to Oracle, which sued the former for patent and copyright infringement over use of the Java APIs. Read More>>

US Lawmakers Press NATO Secretary General To Buy Ships Meant for Russia


Eight lawmakers from the United States are pressing NATO’s new secretary general to purchase French warships which are currently bound for Russia. They believe that France may incur a financial burden if they refuse to transfer these warships. Hence, a renewal has been proposed that NATO purchase or leases the warships as a common naval asset, which was instigated due to the Russian government actions. Read More>>

U.S. national security prosecutors shift focus from spies to cyber

The U.S. Justice Department is restructuring its national security prosecution team to deal with cyber attacks, as many American business and government agencies face intrusions. As a part of the restructuring, the Justice Department has created a new position in the national security division to focus on cyber security. The Department has recruited an experienced prosecutor, Luke Dembosky, to fill the position.The changes come amid reports that hackers in Russia and elsewhere are targeting everyone from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union to JPMorgan Chase & Co and other financial institutions. Read More>>

Elon Musk Compares Building Artificial Intelligence To “Summoning The Demon”

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was interviewed last week at the MIT AeroAstro Centennial Symposium. One particular answer to a question posed by the audience brings up an interesting view about Artificial Intelligence.

When Musk was asked about his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence, Musk starts by noting that we ought to take care in closely regulating AI development, calling AI our “biggest existential threat.” He went on to describe AL as “demons and holy water”. Read More>>