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How to Avoid the Premature Scaling Death Trap

“Premature scaling” doesn’t sound all that sinister. It sounds, at the very worst, like some little business snafu – but it is nothing but a death trap for startups and the most overlooked predictor for startup failure. 

Scaling is the point in the existence of a startup where it experiences positive growth, whereas premature scaling happens when entrepreneurs start focusing on one dimension of the business and advancing it out of sync with the rest of the operation that ultimately leads to failure.  Read more>>

These investors will give you $500,000 for a startup idea sketched on a napkin — no product needed

Nicholas Chirls and Alex Lines and partners at a “pre-seed” fund, Notation Capital are investors who will give you $500,000 for a startup idea sketched on a napkin; just the idea would do, but no product, traction, or even a working prototype is required. “Pre-seed” investing is an alternative to raising a traditional friends and family round of financing, or collecting multiple checks from strategic angel investors to get a a startup idea off the ground. Read More>>

Where Peer-to-Peer Loans Are Born

WebBank provides the money to get it all started; giving rise to providing money to companies that arrange peer-to-peer loans. The bank is so profitable because of this as it dominates a rapidly growing, low-risk business. And this is one of the most profitable banks in the country that fits on the eighth floor of a Salt Lake City office building that has the capability of generating more than $400,000 in profit apiece, about four times the amount at JPMorgan Chase. Read More>>

A Startup’s Plans for a New Social Reality

While we know what social networks are like on the Web and in apps,  a startup called AltspaceVR started pondering about what it would be like in virtual reality to connect with each other in a simulated world. AltspaceVR is building social virtual environments, ranging from a Japanese-style garden to an amphitheater to a dark, sleek lounge. The hope is that headset-wearing users will hang out together in these places in the form of avatars that display real body language thanks to motion sensors, and do things like watching movies, playing games, or shopping together using a shared virtual Web browser. Read More>>

Power Your Creative Thinking With the 4 Lenses of Innovation

Rowan Gibson, one of the world’s foremost thought leaders and authors on business innovation and his latest deals with a power tool for creative thinking that gives insights on the 4 lenses of innovation. This interesting read fascinates with the stories behind history’s greatest breakthroughs and inventions. There are many examples of people who stand up and say there is a better way. Perhaps that child with a rebellious streak may have a great future after all. Such as Richard Branson who had been a rebel at school and eventually dropped out at age 16—going on to create Virgin Records, The 4 lenses include Challenging Orthodoxies, Harnessing Trends, Leveraging Resources, Understanding Needs. Read More>>

For These Entrepreneurs, the Dream Job Was Finding Jobs for Others

The nervousness of starting a new job or launching a business of your own is the most anticipated feeling. This notion particularly applies to college students finding their way into the real world in order to establish themselves. Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman, the co-founders of the quickly growing Campus Job, have created a platform for students seeking part-time work and internships, as they know this feeling very well. Campus Job hosts all kinds of part-time jobs and internships — everything from coffee shop barista to DJ to graphic designer. The founders urge students to do something that they are unbelievably passionate about as this can become their life very quickly if they’re doing it the right way. Read More>>

Is Colorado Primed To Become The Silicon Valley Of Agriculture?

With the growth of Tech Start-ups in Denver and Boulder, local economists have predicted that Colorado could become the silicon valley of agriculture. As most of these Start-ups in Colorado are , patenting new technologies in irrigation, food science and plant genetics. The industry is exponentially growing in Denver and small businesses are coming out with innovative ideas in the field of agriculture ready to contribute to the marketplace.Read More>>


Obamacare spurred 90 healthcare startups, report says

The Affordable Care Act has driven a rush in entrepreneurship with more than 90 new healthcare companies that have been created since 2010, many with venture capital funding and many aimed at bringing hospitals and physicians software and management services to adapt to new Medicare and insurance payment models. There are five trends to watch out for as the Affordable Care Act turns five, according to colleagues at the PwC Health Research Institute’s new report. Read More>>

ViaSat, Boeing prep satellite-based broadband system

A global satellite broadband network has been announced by ViaSat and Boeing. The venture is meant to enable regional operators around the world to offer broadband services. ViaSat-2 is expected to cover seven times the geographic area and offer twice the bandwidth economics advantage of its former model, which the two claim is currently the highest capacity satellite in orbit. Read More>>