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ViaSat, Boeing prep satellite-based broadband system

A global satellite broadband network has been announced by ViaSat and Boeing. The venture is meant to enable regional operators around the world to offer broadband services. ViaSat-2 is expected to cover seven times the geographic area and offer twice the bandwidth economics advantage of its former model, which the two claim is currently the highest capacity satellite in orbit. Read More>>

I Beat A Patent Troll And You Can Too

The article by Chris Hulls, the chief executive of the family networking and communication service, Life360, talks about how Chris battled against patent trolls. Chris believes that fellow VC’S should not give in to these patent trolls and should look to battle these companies even if it means taking the matter to court. Chris also provides some valuable tips to Venture capitalists in this article in regards to patent trolls. Read More>> 

Pebble Kickstarts New Smart Watch

The much anticipated smart watch by Apple which was set to launch this April has some competitors on its hands. Wearable device manufacturer Pebble, which debuted its first smart watch in 2013, returned to its roots by teasing a new watch model. The new wearable, called Pebble Time, features a new, always-on and glare resistant color e-paper display that promises to provide up to seven days of battery life and a microphone to allow users to respond to messages with verbal commands. It also features a new “timeline” display that will show users the most important events on their calendars. Read More>>

Life after ‘Shark Tank’ is pretty good for one Portland startup

Shark Tank, a show that sees entrepreneurs appear in front of a panel of potential investors where co-founders of Sseko Designs,Liz Forkin Bohannon and Ben Bohannon, did not make a deal with a “Shark” on Friday night. But the reality TV appearance of the duo was still a success.The night they aired there were more concurrent users on their site by 100x. The couple pitched the reality TV investors with the intent of raising $300,000 in exchange for 10 percent of the company and their video response has been well received. Read More>>

Startup success is, to a great extent, about good timing

While the preconceived notion that success and timing go with one another holds true, the prediction of which companies are likely to succeed is one of the toughest problems in business. The success lies in the timing. The earlier entrepreneurs got more time in a growth market, and were more likely to be successful. Their years of success attracted more people and made the early stages easier, but high potential means very little in a tough market. Read More>>

Weekend Read: Startups Should (Almost) Never Discount Their Prices

Discounting is a slippery slope. Eliminating price reductions denies mediocre salespeople their favorite crutch, while encouraging creative salespeople to craft non-price incentives to spur purchases.Habitual discounting is self-defeating at a start-up — it reinforces customers’ proclivity to delay their purchases, which aggravates the issue in subsequent quarters. Read More>>

CrunchBase And Compass Partner To Rank Global Startup Ecosystems

CrunchBase, a data and analytics company is partnering with Compass. The latter are the minds behind the 2012 Start up Genome Project. The collaboration is for a new survey of start ups worldwide to measure the development of start-up and entrepreneurial culture against 40 other international hubs as they believe that there is almost nothing more important to the global economy. The partnership is for a on a new study to provide a taxonomy for global start-up ecosystems. Read More>>

How Utah Became the Next Silicon Valley

Brookings Institution, has come up with a report comprising of industries which contribute to the growth of the U.S GDP and have named this sector as “super sector”. The sector consists of development in research and development—more than four hundred and fifty dollars per worker—and they employ high proportions of people from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, collectively known as the S.T.E.M. fields. The report also determines the locations with high development of super sector. The surprise was Utah had three cities in the top 15 cities. In Utah, by contrast, the firms aren’t concentrated in one particular sector—the state’s super-sector employment comes largely from software businesses, but also from medical-device manufacturers and makers of aerospace products, among others—and the three cities on the list are all within driving and public-transit distance of one another. For more details, Read More>>

U.S. Venture Capital Investment Spanned 160 Cities in 2014

Venture capitalists invested $48.3 billion into companies located in 160 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in 2014. The venture community continues to invest in entrepreneurs founding innovative companies in regions across the U.S., deploying capital to more cities in 2014 than any year in the past five years. The article also provides with lists of cities in which venture capitalists have been investing more money. Read More>>