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Let’s Pivot Again — Handmake Me Is An Ethical Marketplace For Handmade Gifts

Most of the successful and emerging start-ups and tech companies have had a failing, or a pivotal point and then starting over again. After all, the entrepreneurial road can be a long and winding one. The latest to join this bandwagon is, Handmake Me, an ethical marketplace by the team behind Hobzy which has re-launched to offer a gift-BUYING experience where every product is handmade by a skilled individual, as they are customisable/made-to-order. They have also taken the e-commerce route and created a platform for buying authentic handmade gifts which are ideal for the upcoming festive season. Read More>>

Volkswagen Putting Huge Investment In Eponymous Brand

Volkswagen has been battling to get its focus back in the U.S. market in terms of product for the last few years. Volkswagen Group says it will invest €85.6 billion in new models and technology worldwide over the next five years. Based in Wolfsburg, Germany, the automaker will spend two-thirds of the investment on fuel-efficient vehicles, and environmentally friendly production.Their ultimate goal is to become the leading automotive group in both ecological and economic terms through continued investments.Read More>>

New Video-Based Social Network Ocho, Backed By Mark Cuban, Raises $1.65M

Ocho – a new video-based social network tailored specifically for iPhone users has found its undettered investors in Mark Cuban, Bill Lohse, and several others who are betting on the same although there is no shortage of video-snippet sharing services. The investors just helped Ocho raise $1.65 million in seed funding, which will be used to build out the service, and secure partnerships. Ocho allows users to capture eight-second videos. Presented as a news feed, Ocho videos can be ported across devices including Apple TV. Read More>>

Are Paid Platforms the Future of Social?

Bubblews and tsū, two new and upcoming websites have spawned a  new unorthodox social platforms. What makes these websites different is the fact that these sites share ad revenue with their members. Although both sites offer the unique service, they are both different in their own ways.

Tsū, which launched last week, has a signup that requires a code which can only be acquired from an existing member.Tsū keeps 10 percent of its revenue from advertising, sponsorship, and partnerships. The rest is distributed among the network based on the number of views during the ad’s run.

Bubblews, on the other hand, is a community of 200,000 members who call themselves “bubblers. Bubblews officially launched in July after two years of beta. Bubblews has open registration, awarding users one cent for every click, like, or share their posts receive. Read More>

This French startup will dispatch a professional chef to your home



In the fast paced world people don’t have the time and patience to cook and La Belle Assiette, a French startup is looking to take advantage of this fact. The startup has raised $1.7 million and are looking to expand in the near future. The startup lets you search chefs by food type, popularity, and other criteria, and book one for a specific time. Your chef brings the ingredients, cooks, and cleans up before leaving. Meals range from $30 per person (ingredients included) to a lot more depending on who and what you order. The average booking is for six people at $55 per head. Read More>>

Amazon to Open Its First Physical Store

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is to open a retail store in New York City according to Wall Street Journal. The store would try to fill the void of urgency in e-commerce. The store would serve as a showroom for customers to pick up, return and exchange items without having to depend on the U.S Postal service. The idea of a physical location has been toyed in the past but now Amazon have a chance to connect to their customers in real life. Meanwhile officials at Amazon have chosen not to comment on the rumor. Read More>>