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Who Is Buying Adult Coloring Books?

Adult coloring is currently trending as a pacifying recreational hobby and the demands for adult coloring products have grown dramatically. This hobby is described as an alternate form of meditation for adults. There are various versions designed to cater to different needs. Some adult coloring books focus on floral pattern while others feature inspirational quotes or cityscape. Read More>>

Will Doctors Soon Be Prescribing Video Games For Mental Health?

A California based startup; Akili is going through clinical trials to get approval from Food and Drug Administration. The market for “brain fitness” games is worth about $1 billion. Game makers appeals you by claiming that such games will exercise your memory and you will be able to think faster. However, psychology professor Randall Eagle says that the only thing these games make you better at is the game itself. Read More>>

Digital Trust in the IoT Era: 54% of people don’t trust security protecting their info

According to a survey conducted by Accenture’s Digital Trust, about seventy-seven people would be interested in an alternative to usernames and passwords to protect security on internet. 60% of the people surveyed found usernames and passwords cumbersome to use. Within the next year, about 59% would use uniquely coded chips and about 58% would give biometrics a try. Read More>>

Marketing Music-How Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Beefeater Connected With Consumers Through Song

Despite the growing popularity of visual marketing, Music-based campaigns are proving to engage consumers in a cluttered, Omni channel world. The Audio based medium has the capacity to communicate authenticity and stick with listeners for a long time. Many popular brands are connecting with consumers through songs and music based marketing. Read More>>

Report: Automakers Not Doing Enough To Prevent Hacking

The new age cars on the market today feature wireless technologies that could make them vulnerable to hackers, and automakers are not doing enough to prevent potential security and privacy problems. The report is based upon information from 16 car companies and experts believe that the auto industry’s approach toward data security and privacy “falls short” and needs far more standardization. Read More>>

Amazon Opens Physical Store, Amazon@Purdue, More To Come

Amazon has officially launched its first physical store, Amazon@Purdue, where students can order, rent, buy, pick up and drop off books and other items required for college. The store is located at the Krach Leadership Center at Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus and is open to students, alumni, faculty and staff at Purdue.Amazon is also considering acquiring some RadioShack stores as RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. Read More>>

Are Consumers Gaming You? Let Them, Says Mindshare Study

A survey which involved 2000 US consumers showed that just 47 percent reported that “advertising helps them learn more about the products companies have to offer, while 66 percent of respondents feel they are “always being marketed to.” But the study also found that 47 percent of respondents have attempted to purchase airline tickets on days prices are lower, and 31 percent admitted to intentionally leaving items in online shopping carts in hopes of receiving a discount from the store via email or native ad. Read More>>