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Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon?

Remember Verizon’s former pitchman who gained wide recognition asking if you could hear him now as he roamed around in commercials with his mobile phone looking for a decent reception area? Well, that pitchman, Paul Marcarelli, is now appearing in new Sprint advertising from Deutsch. But now, instead of touting the strength of Verizon’s network he’s pitching Sprint’s reliability. Read More>>

How to use social at each stage of the customer journey

Customers need different things from brands at each stage of their journey and Social media is an integral channel throughout this journey. They have different mindsets and needs at each stage of their journey, and use digital channels in varying ways throughout. When you understand how and why they are using social media, you can provide the right content and messaging to help guide them through their journey. Read More>>

Why buy buttons haven’t taken off…yet

Buy buttons were a big topic last year and in battle , all of the major industry players were racing to develop their own version, promising that this feature could help retailers accelerate online sales.
This year, however, they are not really moving the needle for retailers as they are supposed to. The reason behind this can be attributed to two things: First, social does not drive enough traffic to ecommerce sites. Secondly, buy buttons have not yet become a habit for online and mobile shoppers. Read More>>

Why Customer Match is the biggest thing to happen to email since Hotmail

Google recently released Customer Match, a feature that gives advertisers the ability to upload a batch of email addresses to Google. This ultimately provides targeting capabilities to specific customers that were previously unavailable. Features like Customer Match or Custom Audiences are expected to revolutionize digital advertising, especially within the email marketing sphere. The future of digital marketing is integrated and cross-channel and email is the key to cross-channel identity. Read More>>

How Is UGC Changing Content Marketing?

Consumers find the word-of-mouth nature of user-generated content to be particularly trustworthy, which has resulted in a surge of popularity comparable to that of influencer marketing. According to a survey, 55 percent of consumers trust UGC over other types of marketing. “User-generated content” (UGC) may have become a clichéd marketing buzzword, but it’s still one that resonates enough with consumers to have shifted the nature of content marketing. Read More>>

Hooked Is An App For Readers Who Think Fiction Should Be More Like Text Messaging

Entrepreneurs of startup Telepathic, which is launching its first app, Hooked are thinking of commissioning short stories that take the form of text message conversations. Instead of turning pages, you tap the screen to bring on the next message. The husband-and-wife team Parag Chordia and Prerna Gupta  sold their last startup, Khush, to music app-maker Smule and announced that Telepathic has raised $1.2 million in new funding, bringing its total raised to $1.9 million. Read More>>

Harley-Davidson Raises Twitter Periscope For Global Product Reveal

Recently, Harley-Davidson used Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming application to stream a global product reveal. The motorcycle maker showed off two new Dark Custom bikes which are characterized as the most powerful cruiser lineup in its history. Periscope is a mobile-device social app, wherein a live stream only stays up for 24 hours and the contents get promulgated through social sharing. Read More>>