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Report: Israel cybersecurity startups attract large investments

According to the YL Ventures’ “2015 State of The Cyber Nation Report”, Israel’s cybersecurity startups are raising more seed capital, compared to other Israeli startups, and are seeing increases in capital funding across all stages of investment. Cybersecurity startups hold a premium position within Israel’s investment ecosystem and the country’s cybersecurity industry as a whole is second only to the U.S. According to the report, approximately 15 percent of all startups established in 2015 have already secured seed funding, raising an average of $2.5 million. Read More>>

$58.8 Billion in Venture Capital Invested Across U.S. in 2015, According to the MoneyTree Report

A Report from PwC and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) states that the venture capital ecosystem deployed $58.8 billion across the United States in 2015, marking the second highest full year total in the last 20 years. Venture capitalists invested $11.3 billion into 962 deals in the fourth quarter of 2015 whereas in the third quarter they invested $16.6 billion in 1,149 deals. The fourth quarter also marks the eighth consecutive quarter of more than $10 billion of venture capital investment, but also represents the smallest amount invested since the third quarter of 2014. Read More>>

Kapor Capital Will Start Requiring New Portfolio Startups To Invest In Diversity And Inclusion

Kapor Capital recognizes that diversity can lead to better ideas, new revenue streams and bigger profits and so wants its portfolio companies to progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion. They recently launched the “Founders’ Commitment,” a four-part roadmap for startups to foster diverse and inclusive cultures early on. The idea came from Kapor Capital’s portfolio companies last summer, and the firm hopes that it will inspire similar initiatives in Silicon Valley and in tech as a whole. Read More>>

Cyber-security VCs Discuss Their Top Investment Criteria

As organizations of all sizes try to protect themselves against a seemingly endless onslaught of adversaries and online threats, IT security is one of the hottest markets in technology today. Venky Ganesan, managing director at Menlo Ventures says that, “Cyber-security is not a trend; it’s a permanent long-term unfortunate issue that we all have to deal with as a cost of modern-day technology use”. In his view, one of the next major waves of innovation and growth for the cyber-security industry will come from breach-detection vendors. Breach-detection technologies help organizations identify breaches as well as provide guidance on how to patch and fix the breach. Read More>>

The End Of The Startup Gold Rush, Absurd Burn Rates And Tourist VCs

Tech investments and VC activities have climbed to their highest levels since 2000 last year, however there’s a growing sentiment that we’ve reached a precipice. The combination of various factors is leading to some prognostication about the possibility of another tech bubble, but the author thinks that we’re not heading toward 2001 or 2008 again. Instead, what we’re experiencing now is more indicative of the market’s tolerance for higher-risk investments. In the financial world, this phenomenon is often referred to as risk-on, risk-off investing, and it tends to create herd-like behavior. Read More>>

Why VCs Are Devouring Food Startups

Venture capitalists are stepping in with billions of dollars focused on agriculture and food ventures that reduce waste and use of chemicals, conserve resources, accelerate distribution and—at least theoretically—improve our health and the health of the planet. $2.06 billion has already been invested in the first half of 2015. That’s nearly as much as the $2.36 billion total for 2014. Because of the Start-up revolution, big food companies lost $4 billion in market share last year. Read More>>