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Ready For Meat Grown From Animal Cells? A Startup Plans A Pilot Facility

Memphis Meats, a California based company, plans to build a pilot production facility to grow meat from animal cells. They have funds raised from high-profile investors including Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Kimbal Musk, as well as two giant players in the animal protein and feed space: Cargill and Tyson Foods. The company says its latest funding round has brought in $161 million in new investment. Memphis Meats is still technically made from animals, but helps fight against the environmental impact of livestock agriculture. Read More >>

Who Gets Blamed When a Group Project Goes Wrong?

We’ve all had that group project that simply didn’t work out. The group project that leaves the group itself responsible for the negative consequences. How are these failures perceived by outsiders? How do we divvy blame for failures that we have little background information about? According to a study done by researchers at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, we tend to assign those who already have reputations less blame than those who are still gaining experience, regardless of any other facts. What is the Matthew Effect, and why does it pose significant risks to group members who are still building their reputations?¬†Read more>>

Facebook offers details on how it handles research

Facebook Inc. published on last Tuesday new details on how it conducts research using the personal information it collects on its users, amid a flurry of efforts to create privacy and ethical standards for corporate research involving human data. Facebook collects data, which it uses to look for behavioral patterns such as voting habits, relationship status and how interactions with certain types of content might make people feel. Read More>>