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Within today’s tech-filled world, victims of data breaches can face identity theft, social stigma, and barriers to housing and jobs.  Big companies are spending incredible amounts of money to make sure their customers’ data is protected. Additionally, new laws are being put in place to motivate companies about the issue.  The CCPA estimates companies will spend between $50,000 to $55 billion to get in compliance. Smaller companies struggle to find funding for these privacy issues. It is essential, as privacy, defined as the ability to control or limit access to personal information, is an expectation for the end users of these products.  Smaller companies are forced to get creative when solving this problem. There’s never a moment where a company can check the theoretical box of “now we’re privacy-compliant.” Data privacy is becoming less about compliance and more about building products that meet user expectations and contexts.  Read More >>

Apple To Use ‘Differential Privacy’ To Collect Data From iPads, iPhones

Companies have inconspicuously begun collecting mounds of location and use data from mobile phones through snippets of code embedded in operating systems and beacons in physical stores that send targeted text messages based on online searches or location. Similarly, when Apple releases an update to its iOS for iPhone and iPad in fall 2016, it will begin using a technology it calls “differential privacy” to gain insight into user behavior. Read More>>