Startups eye opportunity for fresh crowdfunding cash

Beginning Monday, startups can raise up to $5 million every year from ordinary people who can get a proportionate slice of the company in return.

Why it matters: The changes take effect amid a retail investing mad dash, kicked into high gear by the pandemic and the extra money in (some) people’s pockets.

  • It gives regular investors the opportunity to participate in a private company’s upside (or the opposite, if a company goes under).

Catch up quick: Previously companies had been limited to raising a little more than $1 million in “regulation crowdfunding” per year.

  • This higher threshold could draw a new crop of later-stage companies into the crowdfunding equity trend that may have felt the $1 million wasn’t worth the effort.
  • “There’s kind of a snowball effect: When more companies do this, they’re bringing their audience and customers, which brings in a whole bunch of new investors in the market,” says Brian Belley, founder of Crowdwise, an equity crowdfunding research site.

Other changes taking effect today: Retail investors are now allowed to invest higher amounts this way each year, and companies can essentially pool crowdfund investors into a single line on the cap table.


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