Imagine there was a technique you could learn and practice that would display respect for others, promote trust and contribute mightily to individual and group performance.  The behavior with the almost magical relationship and performance outcomes is nothing more than listening. While a better term might be “fierce listening,” it’s something most of us play at, and many of us can stand to get significantly better at.  There are eight steps to develop fierce listening skills.  First is to commit: internalize the need to strengthen your effectiveness as a listener.  Second is to assess: establish a baseline for your listening skills.  Third is to recognize: learn to identify your listening traps.  Fourth is to frame: set your days up for listening success.  Fifth is to engage: employ listening tactics in the moment.  Sixth is to strengthen: train your brain.  Seventh is to tune in: look for weak or dissonant signals.  Eighth is to extend: teach your groups fierce listening practices.  People will go as far as they can communicate, and great communication starts with fierce listening.   Read More >>

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