You’ve worked side-by-side with someone for over a year: iterating over and over again until you have your MVP, bootstrapping your way to your first users and revenue, arguing over how to best present your app in the stores, working all-nighters to get your investor deck just right, networking from coast to coast.  And just when the pressure reaches a new height, the little grievances compound and you’re contemplating ending the whole thing before your startup rocket ship has a chance to take off. When looking at statistics for marriage in the U.S., where between 45–50% of couples will divorce, and comparing marriage to a co-founder relationship, it kind of (sadly) makes sense.  If founders take the time to talk through issues rather than allow every discussion to devolve into a battle, there is usually a good chance that an amicable solution can be discovered. There’s no perfect formula for finding the best possible co-founders. However, you can arm yourself with knowledge and take precautions where possible, and boost your odds of success.  Read More >>

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