The coronavirus pandemic has led to the panic-buying of one item in particular: toilet paper. This sudden demand for what some are calling “white gold” is proving a challenge, and an opportunity, for one fledgling family business in Maine, where the paper industry has seen some hard times. An abundance of skilled paper workers is one reason an American decided to use his life savings to launch a new toilet paper factory in Bangor, Maine, a small riverside city probably most famous for its association with several Stephen King horror stories, including as inspiration for the setting of It. But new enterprises are notoriously unprofitable. The entrepreneur says so far, they’ve only seen money “go in one direction”: out. There are signs of a turnaround. In February, he said Tissue Plus almost broke even, and with demand for the most important paper in the house only increasing, he’s predicting that the company will break even, and maybe even turn a small profit.  Read More >>

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