Money Talks, But Mentorship Matters More

The pitchbook data says US-based startups have raised  $66 billion in venture funding in the first quarter of 2019 putting the market on track to surpass the $100billion mark by the end of 2019. However, there has been a considerable decline in the VC acquisition in  Angel and seed-stage rounds, thus raising the question for all startups as to what is the right time to get investors and how to pick the right investors or partners. here are some perspectives shared by some leading early-stage venture capitalists that will help you have a better insight about VCs.Read More>>

The revival of Jeri Ellsworth’s AR glasses

Tilt Five was started by Ceo and Ex valve engineer Jeri Ellsworth and a few castAR employees who put together enough funds to buy back assets of their former company castAR in 2017. after 2 years of reworking, they are all set to launch an improved version of their AR glasses that is encased in a sleek polycarbonate shell making it futuristic in design and also comes with a customisable nose piece. They aim to integrate the experience of board games and video games with AR and make tabletop gaming affordable. Read More>>

Guide to a Perfect Pitch

1. Keep the pitch short and Focused:

Timing is crucial so take lesser time to pitch to make it better.

2. Turn your Pitch into a story

This is the best way to captivate your listener’s attention.

3. Explain exactly what is unique about your product or service:

Go back to the drawing board, if your product or service is not unique compared to the one already in the market.

4. Explain who your target audience is:

Use Demographics and psychographics to pinpoint your target audience.

5.Explain how you are going to obtain these customers:

Proposed Marketing/campaigning ideas, technique and methods to be included in the pitch.

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5 ways to cultivate Curiosity

A recent study by Harvard Business Review shows that organisations and entrepreneurs that spark curiosity in their team at all levels have more chances of surviving sudden shifts and economic crisis.This makes the organisation a lot more flexible,sturdier and thus helps to capitalize on new opportunities and build a long lasting company. Although many times we feel less curious because of the work load and lack of time to do fun things like daydream or chase rational thoughts. Luckily, these simple habits will help you stay curious .Read More>>

How Entrepreneurs Can Survive the Next Recession

Talks of a possible recession scarces all Americans, but especially entrepreneurs who usually have more to lose as it had to the uncertaintity of owning a business. To make sure that your business will survive a potential recession, it is important to have a strategy. Here are four things to think about to be prepared : tweak your value offering, choose flexibility over cost, renegotiate contracts with suppliers and think about it as an opportunity to expand. Read More >>

Meet the Algorithms Planning Your Online Purchases

All online shoppers are becoming familiar with algorithms tailored to be the perfect salesperson. With the rise of AI and machine-learning in e-commerce, algorithm-driven personalisation of the customer’s experience is becoming crucial and deternmining the role of Ai in economy is very important. Indeed, using AI to define a marketplace can be messy as some purchasing pattern variants depends on unstructured data such as customer’s reviews, so it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the economic sturcture of the problem when applying AI to solve it. Jack Chua, Direct of Data Science at Hotwire shares 3 tips for a succesful implementation of algorithmic business solutions. Read More>>

Artificial Intelligence Is Improving How Companies Do Business

With the advance of technology, AI is everywhere, improving the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. Every day, AI seems to find new ways for entrepreneurs to find and serve customers. Adam Pah, clinical associate professor of management and organization at Kellogg, highlights some of the significant trends in Artificial Intelligence that are changing the way companies address their customers. These are: natural language processing and machine-learning software which help companies gather feedback from the customers efficiently; making smart recommendations. But, the increased presence of AI trying to improve customer service lead to privacy concerns that are still being addressed. Read More >> 

Founders Should Stop Freaking Out About Maintaining a Startup Culture

Maynard Webb, former CEO of LiveOps and former COO of eBay offers candid advice to entrepreneurs and founders. He answers a question about how to maintain company culture when so many new people are joining by breaking it down into two main points. Firstly, culture will develop, wheter you set it or not, so have a clear view on what you want to have and be authentic. Secondly, culture is not static, so allow it to evolve with the world surrounding it. Read More >>