Entrepreneurs, Eight Tips And Ten Questions To Improve Your Interviewing and Hiring Skills

Most entrepreneurs have little to no training when it comes to interviewing and hiring staff. While this is understandable, it is very important for a startup to be build around a strong team as failure in this domain could be extremely damaging. By following eight simple tips on interviewing and hiring, going from planning ahead to having an interview partner, you will be able to get the best of the best on your ship to success. Read More >> 

Can Emotions Be Automated ?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming a big part of any business development but, machines are useless when it comes to strategy execution, relaying only on non-verbal language of collective emotions. Indeed, AI has not yet been able to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to gauge how efficient strategy execution is, making it quasily impossible for a business to entirely switch to automation. But, the possibility of an emotional artificial intelligence seems to be closer and closer. This could benefit research and applications in related fields, improve well-being beyond production and have a significant impact on the working-class society. Read More >> 

Sure, Industry Outsiders Can Bring Fresh Ideas. But, Are They Better Entrepreneurs?

Nowadays, when thinking about entrepreneurs, we think of young, free-spirit individual who would like to challenge the status quo early in his career. But, research has shown that most successful entrepreneurs are middle aged. Indeed, they have years of experience in the industry under their belt so, understand how the game is played. It is then much more likely for their venture to breakthrough as a success. But, it takes more than experience to be a successful entrepreneur. Factors like human, social and financial capital are essential to any entrepreneur’s growth, young or not. Read More >>