Orbit Fab Becomes First Startup to Supply Water to ISS, Paving the Way for Satellite Refueling

After not even two years of existence, startup Orbit Fab, using processes and equipment it developed itself, successfully supplied water to the International Space Station, a first for a private company. This technology demonstrated a vast area of application as the method can be used not only for water but for the other common propellants as well. This makes it possible to refuel satellites in orbit. Orbit Fab could be a key to true commercialization of space. Read More >> 

AI = Artificial Imagination ?

Could it be possible that machines have imagination and can be innovative? Deepfakes, latest trend proves that Artificial Intelligence (AI) might have master how to trick the eyes. Indeed, a recent video from Samsung shows the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa talking and realistically moving. To generate this type of “deep fakes”, the computer essentially generates different numbers associated with the path pixels of an image should take when a human face move. These numbers are estimated based on examples of human expressions and transferred to the machine, which “learns” how to auto-generate the different results just like a calculator would. If imagination is generating new data, self-learning computers can be considered imaginative and in the future could be able to generate their own content without human intervention. Read More >>

How To Create A Brand Name That Works

While establishing a brand, naming it is crucial as the name is a short ad campaign for your product and can determine how successful it will be on the market. So, how to find a name that will resonate with the customers and help you build an empire? Paul Earle discuss strategies attached to product relevance, emotions and marketablity that can help you find a brand name that works. Read More >> 

Three Questions All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

It takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to be a successful entrepreneur and as appealing as owning your own business sounds, it is not for everyone. Research has shown that the self-efficacy is one crucial key to entrepreneurial success, but how do you scale it for aspiring entrepreneurs? Justin Craig and Leon Schjodt determined three questions people should ask themselves to assess if they are ready to start a business. The goal is to be able to answer yes to all three of them. These questions will help better prepare people on the hardship of entrepreneurship, giving them time to assess whether they could pursue it. Read More >>

A Non-scientist Guide to the Neuromarketing Toolkit

Neuromarketing uses advanced technologies to measure involuntary human response, like this acquiring a purer idea of what the customer will prefer. Through majoring brain region activity, it is possible for even non-scientists to use neuromarketing tools. Six commonly used technologies are helpful to understand the strengths and weaknesses of neuromarketing. These are : Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which measures blood oxygenation in the brain; Electroencephalography (EEG) which records changes in brain activity; Function near-infrared spectroscopy ( fNIRS) which uses light that penetrates scalp and brain tissues; Eye-tracking devices which measures consumers visual attention; Skin conductance response (SCR) which captures the changes in skin electrical resistance and lastly Facial affect recording (FAR) which analyses facial muscle configurations. Read More >> 

The Race to $1 billion – How Startups Glossier, Casper, Rent the Runway and Away Became Retails Unicorns

In the business world, a “unicorn” is a startup valued at at least $1 billion. 2019 is the year for unicorn spotting as the major success of Glossier, Casper, Rent the runway and Away pushed them to unicorn status within the first half of the year. Their journeys diverged in many ways but each of these startups used VC funding very carefully, as well as learned the power of personalized and simplistic products.These 2019 retail unicorns are here to stay thanks to their innovative products and retail strategies. Read More >> 

New Startup-Focused Bank Gets More than $100 Million From Investors

A New York based bank opened up for in May 2019, after raising over $100 Million from investors. Indeed, Grasshopper Bancrop Inc entered the business world targetting startups. It is an excpetional investment as new banks are rare in the US because of low interests rate and domincane of giant lenders. Grasshopper is known as a venture bank, meankng that, it typically will take deposits from startups that have raised money from investors and firms. This bank aims to lend more established companies investing into startups. But, CEO Judit erwin believes that many barriers are falling down for new banking companies. Read More >>

How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth ?

Since the 1800s, productivity is increasing in the US with no clear reason of why it is happening, with different flux for certain years as well as up and downs for some industries. Professor of finance Dimitri Papanikolaou has thought on the question and believes, as many, that innovation and technology boosts the productivity differences over time. But, how can we measure innovation ? Papanikolaou and his collaborators created a novel measure of innovation relying on the quality of patentand how different it is from earlier ones in its field, but not all innovations were patent especially prior the 1940s, making it impossible for them to be analyzed. Therefore, to measure the innovation, Papanikolaou decided to explore different methods such as analyzing the patent text as a quality test, predicting the productivity based on the quality of the patent and lastly drew conclusions on the future of patents and innovation, proving that innovation and technical progress correlated with productivity. Read More >>