Can Predictive Analytics be Made Safe for Humans?

Everyone operating a computer in 2019 is aware to a greater or lesser degree of the war going on quietly under their fingers and in the cloud; a war involving subterfuge and attacks, heroes and villains. We are, of course, talking about the war on data privacy. From its very inception, technology has been a wild west that regulators have battled to control through the enacting of laws and policies. Unfortunately, as technology has rapidly outpaced regulation, ethical dilemmas such as the one posed by the increasing accuracy of data analytics will continue to arise. As writer Danny Crichton explains, “people can’t understand the extent that inferences can be made with their data”. A very public example of this concept is the story from Target, in which the software used by the retailer suggested maternity supplies for a teen based off of her early stage pregnancy shopping items. This suggestion alerted her father to the fact that she was pregnant. How are regulators attempting to tackle the significant ethical issues that arise from the undressing of people’s privacy through data while still allowing businesses and individuals to enjoy the benefits of these predictions? Read more>>

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