Using Innovative Finance to Scale Up Corporate Base-of-Pyramid Initiatives

Did you know that 2.5 billion people worldwide are disabled? The disability in question costs billions of dollars in productivity every year and reduces the economic opportunity and personal safety of those afflicted. For all of the danger and the trouble that this physical trait causes, only $37 million dollars annually actually goes to helping people who need prosthetics to correct for their refractive error. The issue in question is, of course, uncorrected poor vision. This common phenomenon is a prime example of a problem that base-of-pyramid market financial innovation is poised to solve in a more efficient, effective, and wide reaching way than ever before. Jayanth Bhuvaraghan and Jasjit Singh of Essilor International and non-for-profit INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program (respectively) detail how financial innovation has great potential to be harnessed for good. Read more>>

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