One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities

As rising star companies have ascended, clung to the top, and fallen over the duration of the mercurial tech boom of the last few decades, everyone has heard about the bunching of innovative new businesses in now glamorous locations like Silicon Valley. Less lauded and much less attractive to large scale investors are reliable, low risk, but small upstart ventures coming out regionally across the country. These businesses – which are critical to the local economy and have reliable potential to generate return – are struggling to attract even the modest support that they need. Entrepreneur and innovator Edward Jung may have an answer to the issue at hand for these rising businesses that may benefit not only them but also regional economies, family businesses, and long standing local corporations. What are Local Innovation Bonds (LIBs) and how could they meet the needs of both conservative investors and needy upstarts? Read more>>

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