Three Steps to Help Innovation Teams Succeed at an Established Company

It is well known by businessmen and industry outsiders alike that innovation and the research and development processes are absolutely vital to the ultimate success of a company. Without them a business will slowly die from an inability to reposition itself. So how do businesses encourage and create an environment conducive to this critical (and oftentimes elusive) process? Stephanie Farsht, a former Target executive, suggests some methods to start with. Read More>>

One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities

As rising star companies have ascended, clung to the top, and fallen over the duration of the mercurial tech boom of the last few decades, everyone has heard about the bunching of innovative new businesses in now glamorous locations like Silicon Valley. Less lauded and much less attractive to large scale investors are reliable, low risk, but small upstart ventures coming out regionally across the country. These businesses – which are critical to the local economy and have reliable potential to generate return – are struggling to attract even the modest support that they need. Entrepreneur and innovator Edward Jung may have an answer to the issue at hand for these rising businesses that may benefit not only them but also regional economies, family businesses, and long standing local corporations. What are Local Innovation Bonds (LIBs) and how could they meet the needs of both conservative investors and needy upstarts? Read more>>


On this side of the world, the Internet has developed and became a big part of our daily routines. Indeed, according to Nielsen Company’s audience report, the average American spends about 10 hours and 39 minutes in front of a screen each day. As we use the internet for research, for work, for personal entertainment… we tend to forget that there are still billions of people that are not connected to the web. Global connectivity has been a dream for all since the 1990s and Sara Spangelo and Ben Longmier might have just found a solution. Their startup Swarm Technologies is developing a low-cost satellite the size of a grilled-cheese machine, that has for goal affordable, global internet connectivity for all. Read more >>

Driven By Passion, More Women Are Founding Startups And Succeeding

It can be tough to be a women in a male dominant industry but, women like Julia Shihih take this minority as an advantage. Women are finding a way to really take off with their startups and their key ingredient is, like many other successful startups- passion. However, this passion can only take your company so far and in order to really take your startup to the next level requires being proactive with what your doing rather than reactive to what others are doing. Read More>>

Industrial tech may not be sexy, but VCs are loving it

Popularity of Industrial Technology over the last eight years has grown significantly. Not only are more venture capitalists investing in this industry but also, the amount they are willing to invest has almost doubled. Series B and C investors have especially seen growth and despite uncertainty within the market, these investors are willing to take bigger risks with this industry than ever before. Read More>>


Is This The Airline Seat Of The Future?

The infamous economy flight experience may be poised to experience a significant upgrade thanks to the development of a “morphing seat” by two engineers from SE Aeronautics. This seat may be the best of all worlds,  not only increasing the ergonomics of flight for passengers, but also increasing passenger density for the airlines. As a cadre of new seat offerings such as this one hit the market, could this be what you sit on when you get on a plane in five years? Read more>>


Two of entrepreneur’s biggest worries are how to acquire investors for funding and how to keep your business idea from getting stolen. Maynard Webb, longtime technology executive, investor, board member and best-selling author explains why you do not need to worry about getting your idea stolen and instead, the need to prioritize your time worrying about how to get investors. Sharing the right information about your big idea with Venture Capitalists and angel investors might just help to make or break the deal you have been waiting for. Read More>>

For Struggling Startups, Retirees Are Coming to the Rescue

A major movement currently rising to prominence in the realm of business development is the use highly experienced retirees as consultants. These retirees are brought in when there is a problem that requires extensive knowledge, often through businesses dedicated specifically to connecting these experts with companies that need them. And a growing number of businesses are in need. Up to 53% of startups that fail are ones started by entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The retired workforce is growing steadily into an invaluable resource for business. Read more>>