A stretchy stick-on patch can take blood pressure readings from deep inside your body

The last time you had your blood pressure checked, it was probably at a doctor’s office with a bulky cuff wrapped around your arm. One day soon, perhaps, you will just need a simple stick-on patch on your neck, no bigger than a postage stamp. That’s the goal of Sheng Xu and his team at the University of California, San Diego, who are working on a patch that can continuously measure someone’s central blood pressure. Read more>>

How to Shape Remarkable Products in the Messy Middle of Building Startups

Behance founder Scott Belsky has lived and studied technology startups from a number of vantage points — as advisor (Uber, Pinterest, sweetgreen), author (Making Ideas Happen), investor (Benchmark), and Adobe’s Chief Product Officer — and observes that the most critical part of a startup’s journey is the least discussed and most misunderstood: the middle. Read more>>

Overfishing is destroying the world’s oceans. These start-ups think growing fish in a lab can help

Lab-grown fish may hit your dinner plate sooner than you think. A couple years ago, there were no companies focused on lab-grown seafood. Now a handful have cropped up, including Finless Foods, Blue Nalu, Wild Type and Seafuture. Their founders hope fish grown in a lab can help them break into the more than $120 billion seafood market, and make it more sustainable in the process. Read more>>

The Downside of Applying Lean Startup Principles

maze puzzle brain job searchThe Lean Startup is a bestselling business book by Eric Ries that has become a global revolution with followers in 17 countries. Its principles have been adopted by early-stage ventures, Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. government. Its core principle is to test a “minimum viable product” early and gather information to further fine-tune development. The idea is to mitigate risk in the product development process. Read more>>

Growth at All Costs is Perilous — This is How to Scale Sales Sustainably

In this exclusive interview, Karen Rhorer codifies what she’s learned about scaling sales hiring across her career. She shares how leaders can push past the pressures to spin up sales quickly by walking through the four levers for sustainable headcount planning and detailing the key calculations for avoiding a painful future of upside-down metrics that burn through cash. Read more>>