The Definition Of A Startup In 2018 (By The Numbers)

What is a startup? It’s a surprisingly hard question and everyone has a different answer. A few years ago, I took a stab at a response myself, coming up with a somewhat-serious list of rules that set parameters around startup status. What I originally scribbled down as dividing lines between startups and more mature companies needs to be revised. So let’s come up with a 2018-era definition of what a startup. Read more>>

Does Eating Together Improve Negotiations?

Researchers have recently started to examine the act of eating together while negotiating and its impact on the final deal. While most of us would expect that sharing a meal would positively affect our negotiation outcomes, the findings point to a more nuanced and strategic choice. Indeed, the effect of food and its presentation on negotiation outcomes can vary depending on individual circumstances.
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This Founder Says To Not Be Afraid To Pivot Your Startup

Customer support is a critical, yet tricky function for an enterprise company to perform well at scale. Sinan Ozdemir, 26, and Jamasen Rodriguez, 25, saw an opportunity to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate communications, uses AI to help train and support customer support agents, as well as automate communications on their behalf to quickly assist consumers in need of help. Read more>>

Boeing leads $10 million funding round for BridgeSat laser communications venture

BridgeSat ground stationBoeing HorizonX Ventures is leading a $10 million investment round to boost BridgeSat, a Denver-based satellite communications company that aims to use laser technology for ground-to-space data connectivity. Founded in 2015, BridgeSat is developing a network of optical ground stations and proprietary space terminals for use with satellites in low Earth orbit and geostationary orbit. Read more>>