Why This VC Is Betting on Women, People Of Color, and LGBTQ Founders

Four years ago, Arlan Hamilton was living out of a hotel room that she shared with her mom. At that point, she had given up a career as a live music production coordinator to become a venture capitalist. Her goal? Raise a fund that invests in companies founded by underrepresented entrepreneurs, including women, people of color, LGBTQ company founders, or any combination of the three. Read more>>


Welcome To The Age Of Digital Transcendence

Smartphones, and their apps, have become an extension of us, says commentator Marcelo Gleiser.Technology changes the way we live — and it also changes us. Sticking with the telephone as an illustration, something quite remarkable has happened in the past 40 years, the approximate timespan between the rotary and the smartphone. The old machines belonged to the household and shared with families. Smartphones, on the other hand, are personal. People don’t share their smartphones. What is that? Read More>>

2017 ICO mania: 430 offerings raised $4.6 billion through November

Whether the frenzy of initial coin offerings that swept the globe last year was a temporary phenomenon or the start of a lasting revolution, the bottom line is that the bottom line was huge. A new report from the Crypto Valley Association and consulting firm PwC Strategy& notes that through the end of November, there were 430 ICOs worldwide, up from 2 in 2013. Those ICOs raised a collective $4.6 billion. Read More>>