Despite Legal Troubles, This Startup Is Trying To Do Right By Workers

Josephine is a venture-backed startup which serves dinner that is prepared, packaged, and partially grown by seventh- and eighth-graders at Willard Middle School in Berkeley. Last spring, Josephine’s cooks received cease and desist orders from local health regulators who said that selling prepared food made in a facility that hasn’t been inspected by health regulators is illegal. Read More>>

A Clever Strategy to Combat Free Riding

Any time you have two or more people working together, each acting in his or her own best interest, they behave less efficiently than if they were working alone. This is because what is best for the group tends to differ from what is best for each of us. George Georgiadis proposes a clever way of getting around the free-rider problem, particularly for somewhat involved collaborations that unfold over time. Read More>>

How Stress Influences Decision-making

Wharton marketing professor Gideon Nave  studies the relationship between biology and decision-making. His latest research focuses on how hormones and stress alter the way people think.

The way we make decisions is influenced by our biological state. Things like hunger, sleep deprivation and stress influence the process of decision-making. All of these things are measurable nowadays, and we can learn a lot about individual differences between people from these measures. Read More>>