Uber But For Energy: Utility Surge Pricing Threatens Summer Cool

Inside, Jim leafs through their summer bills from the power company Arizona Public Service, or APS. He counts: “$183, $262, $250.” Steep, but predictable. Ever since he’s heard about a new fee, though, he’s begun to worry. For that so-called “demand” charge, the power company will look at the one hour of the month during peak time when the couple uses the most energy. Jim’s not the only one who’s upset. Within a week of the utility proposing the charge, protesters had taken to the streets with signs like “Surge Pricing is Unfair” and “Profits Over People. Read More>>

M-commerce: has the mobile web finally won?

Not only are more smartphone users purchasing with their mobile devices, but more people are choosing to make those purchases via mobile web rather than via mobile apps. These figures come from the latest European data from ComScore (July 2016), and echoes similar findings in a survey of US shoppers by Forrester (August 2015). However, while web will be the route to serving the majority of your mobile customers, this does not necessarily prohibit investment in a mobile app. Those retailers which have a sufficiently large core of extremely loyal and very regular mobile shoppers who will download, retain and use a mobile app, may be able to justify the very significant expense of developing, promoting and maintaining a separate mobile channel. Read More>>

Moon Express Announces New Home at Historic Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complexes 17 & 18

Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) announced today that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Air Force 45th Wing to license the historic Space Launch Complexes 17 and 18 at Cape Canaveral for its lunar lander development and flight test operations. The new arrangement for Launch Complexes 17 and 18 under the USAF 45th Wing will allow for Moon Express growth and expansion of its business and technical operations. Moon Express previously occupied Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 36A under an agreement established with Space Florida in January 2015. Read More>>

Building Customer Loyalty Takes Way More Than Discounts

Deploying a retail customer loyalty strategy is much more than just offering a discount for continued patronage. As Beagle Research Group founder and managing principal Denis Pombriant explains, it’s the connection between a consumer experience and the customer journey. And, when done right, it can pay off big, said Pombriant, noting industry research revealing the potential to boost profits by as much as 20 percent. Read More>>

What Is A Paradigm Shift, Anyway?

Thomas Kuhn, the well-known physicist, philosopher and historian of science, was born 94 years ago today. Kuhn’s 1962 book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, transformed the philosophy of science and changed the way many scientists think about their work. One measure of his influence is the widespread use of the term “paradigm shift,” which he introduced in articulating his views about how science changes over time. Talk of paradigms and paradigm shifts has since become commonplace — not only in science, but also in business, social movements and beyond. But what, exactly, is a paradigm shift? Or, for that matter, a paradigm? Read More>>

Making Sense of Why Series A Investment Is Slowing

Series A investment trends can provide a good approximation of the health and sentiment of the startup venture capital market. Earlier this week, Mattermark piece tracked the pulse of Series A deal performance during a time when the stock market was on the rise, volatility was low, and investors were hungry. A lot has changed in the past year. In terms of dollars invested and number of deals, for example, Series A activity declined when comparing the second quarter to the first.What is driving the current change in Series A investment, compared to the preceding quarter, or our prior coverage? Read More>>