Y Combinator’s Livingston On Female Founders in a Male-Heavy Tech Industry

Y Combinator co-founder Jessica Livingston has backed some of the best-known Internet startups in recent years. Livingston gives advice to women entrepreneurs. These days, one of Livingston’s passions is focusing on adding more female founders to Y Combinator’s classes of a few dozen startups, and empowering women in tech to overcome some of the biases in the industry. Read More>>

New wireless tech from MIT promises password-free Wi-Fi

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a new wireless technology that promises to kill the Wi-Fi passwords. The new system called as Chronos, enables a single Wi-Fi access point to locate users to within tens of centimeters without relying on any external sensors.
The researchers tested the technology in a two-bedroom apartment with four occupants and found that Chronos can correctly identify which room a resident is in 94 percent of the time. Read More>>

This Startup Is JetBlue Technology Ventures’ First Investment

JetBlue Technology Ventures is the first venture capital subsidiary in Silicon Valley backed by a U.S. airline. It has made its first investment in a San Francisco based startup ‘Flyr’ whose technology helps airline customers decide whether to buy tickets at current prices–or wait for fares to go down. Flyr makes its money through commissions from the travel companies, online travel agents, Meta search engines, and airlines that use its back-end systems to lock in fare prices and sell those fares to travellers. Read More>>

Facebook’s Piracy Problem

A form of online piracy called “freebooting” has grown rampant on Facebook in just the past year. For the first time in its history, YouTube has a real rival and Facebook isn’t playing by the same rules.
Australian film maker Brady Haran coined the term freebooting to describe the act of taking someone’s YouTube video and re-uploading it on a different platform for your own benefit. Read More>>

Lithuanian Space Start-up Company is Seeking EUR 2.5 Million Investment

The Lithuanian space technologies start-up NanoAvionics is seeking a EUR 2.5 million investment from the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020. NanoAvionics received initial financial support of EUR 50,000 from the European Commission (EC) with the possibility to ensure continued funding for the currently developed miniaturized propulsion system.
NanoAvionics have launched LituanicaSAT-1, one of the first Lithuanian satellites, and have nearly completed the development of a second satellite. Read More>>

Google Steps Up Artificial Intelligence at Cloud Conference

Google recently announced that it is releasing its Cloud Machine Learning service in a limited preview. Cloud Machine Learning relies on the open source TensorFlow machine learning library. The tool will make it easy for developers to build large-scale machine learning models in less time. Cloud Machine Learning is portable, fully managed and scalable, and works with data in several formats. Read More>>

AND CO raises $2 million led by Thrive to manage freelancers’ most dreaded tasks

New York-startup called AND CO is creating a system that helps freelancers to handle all the administrative stuff using both software and live chat support. AND CO was born at Prehype, a four-year-old design and incubation boutique that produces new ideas for corporate customers. AND CO’s vision is to create a support network in which every member helps each other automatically. Read More>>