The Next Amazon (Or Apple, Or GE) Is Probably Failing Right Now

Policy-makers concerned with entrepreneurship have long favoured the “shots on goal” approach: Try to encourage as many startups as possible. Most of those companies will fail. Of the survivors, most will never grow into major economic engines. But statistically, a few will turn out to be the next Amazon, with huge rewards for their local economies.
In theory, it is those ambitious companies that policy-makers should be working the hardest to foster. The problem is that no one has known how to identify them. Read More>>

What Startup Accelerators Really Do

Startup accelerators support early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing. They are commonly misunderstood with other institutions supporting early-stage startups, such as incubators, angel investors, and early-stage venture capitalists.
Accelerators are playing an increasing role in startup communities and evidences have demonstrated the significant potential of accelerators to improve startups’ outcomes. Read More>>

After Terrorist Attack, A Phone Company Is Beating Google At Big Data

For many years, cellphone operators around the world have complained about Facebook and Google about handing out free phone calls and messaging services to people in their countries, eating into profits and grabbing customers’ data. After a terrorist attack, a fingerprint drive was conducted by Telenor mobile carrier — the equivalent of an AT&T or a Verizon. This was the first of its kind in the whole world. However, the plan proved to be very expensive. Read More>>

X Prize planning for next space competition

The X Prize Foundation is starting the planning for its next space-related challenge, with its current flagship space competition set to end in less than two years. According to Andrew Barton, X Prize is preparing to develop a new space prize to succeed the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP). The competition currently offers a $20 million prize to the first non-government team that lands a spacecraft on the moon, travels at least 500 meters across its surface, and returns high-definition video and other data back to Earth. Read More>>

Bing Makes Predictions, Search Wave Provides Insights Ahead Of Super Tuesday

Heading into Super Tuesday, Microsoft Bing now shows voters a detailed breakdown of search volume for each candidate based on age, state, and gender. Bing also released a new set of predictions for Super Tuesday, predicting outcomes for the 11 Primaries and Caucuses.
Bing predicts Donald Trump to win almost all the Republican primaries and caucuses whereas Ted Cruz is expected to win his home state of Texas. Hillary Clinton is predicted to win 10 out of 11 states, with the exception of Vermont. Read More>>

How to use social at each stage of the customer journey

Customers need different things from brands at each stage of their journey and Social media is an integral channel throughout this journey. They have different mindsets and needs at each stage of their journey, and use digital channels in varying ways throughout. When you understand how and why they are using social media, you can provide the right content and messaging to help guide them through their journey. Read More>>