Who has their hand on the tap of deal flow?

We are surrounded by the birth, growth and death of new ideas that feed the venture capital industry. Investors are aware of the connection between temperament and success as an entrepreneur, but they might not understand the way in which it affects the set of investment options. Many would-be student-entrepreneurs have a temperament that prevents them from being good at selling or justifying their ideas to others. Read More>>

Student founder turns down Microsoft and Google to build Bae, an app for black singles

Data collected from 25 million OkCupid accounts demonstrated that when users rated their matches they penalized Black men and women. Bae :: Before Anyone Else, a mobile dating app hopes to make online dating a better experience for Black people. Similar to other dating apps, Bae users swipe right for those they’re interested in and left for those they’re not. Read More>>

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

If you ask a VC what’s his number one criterion for investing in a company, he will tell you that everything is about the team’s quality! Entrepreneurs have different personality traits. Some are very introvert, calm and poised while others are extremely demonstrative and dynamic. Some are very pragmatic while others are rather idealistic. The article categories successful portfolio companies and studies their CEOs’ profiles. Read More>>

Innovation Springs from the Unexpected Meeting of Minds

Visionary leaders set up the creative, collaborative environments that foster crossovers and the innovations that come from them. If you’re not making room for the unexpected meeting of minds, you could be missing out on the next big breakthrough. Also research found that horizontal networks of individuals with a diversity of expertise were three times more likely to innovate than uniform vertical networks. Read More>>

3 female founders on what it’s like to run a startup when you’re under 30

The global technology industry is woeful when it comes to female representation and diversity. Youth, on the other hand, has real currency in this brave new world. But what it is to be both a woman and young while working on your own startup?
The article talks about three female founders all under 30, who are in the trenches, growing their own businesses and leading international teams. Read More>>