Three content marketing lessons learned from Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 being the third-most viewed telecast ever, the stakes were incredibly high when it comes to TV based advertisements. Several brands employed strategies that are ideally suited to content marketing campaigns. The article speaks about top three content marketing takeaways from Super Bowl 50 campaigns. The insights can be used to inspire and inform future ad campaigns. Read More>>

LendEDU Is Making Student Loan Refinancing Easier

Normally, anyone looking to refinance their student loans has to fill out a fairly lengthy application each time they want to receive a loan. LendEDU is in a marketplace for student loan refinancing, the company’s service is simple. One application gets you visibility into all of the many different options for student loan refinancing. The company calls it the Kayak of student lending. Average users at LendEDU save roughly $12,000 by refinancing. Read More>>

This Startup Found the Secret to Keeping Sports Stars From Getting Injured

The Broncos and Panthers were both among the six healthiest teams in the NFL this season, in terms of the number of games lost to injury by their players. According to Stephen Smith, CEO of the Dublin-based sports-tech startup Kitman Labs, the cost of winning a professional football game is $2.3 million. That is, for every $2.3 million in salary cap dedicated to players who spend Sundays on the disabled list rather than on the field, the average team will lose one more game. Read More>>

New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light

NASA’s new $16 million probe, called the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout will use solar sail to reach its destination. Solar sails are made of ultrathin, highly reflective material. When a photon from the sun hits the mirror-like surface, it bounces off the sail and transfers its momentum to the spacecraft. The continuous thrust provided by sunlight will accelerate the probe to a speed of 28.6 km/s relative to the sun. Read More>>

Luxembourg Hopes To Rocket To Front Of Asteroid-Mining Space Race

The tiny European country of Luxembourg announced that it will be funding research into the extraction of minerals from objects in space. The nation’s ministry of the economy says in a statement that the measures are meant “to position Luxembourg as a European hub in the exploration and use of space resources.”
Exploiting the natural resources of asteroids and other near-Earth objects (NEOs) has long been a dream of investors, inventors and futurists. There are numerous minerals found on asteroids that might profitably be mined. Read More>>

Report details Google’s “Project Skybender,” a 5G Internet drone program

A report from ‘The Guardian’ states that Google has another Internet-in-the-sky program called “Project Skybender”. The aim of this project is to outfit drones with millimeter wave transceivers—radios that could be used in next-generation “5G” networks. Apparently, the company already has Project Loon, a “cell tower in the sky” program that uses high-altitude balloons to beam 4G LTE down to users. Read More>>

Early Stage Investing For Entrepreneurs And Individual Investors Just Got A Whole Lot More Attractive

On December 18, the Congress passed the PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes) which is a part of Congress’ interest in encouraging long-term investing. This bill is a great news for entrepreneurs and other individuals financing startups and companies in the earliest stages of growth, as well as general partners and individual investors in venture capital funds. Read More>>

Report: Israel cybersecurity startups attract large investments

According to the YL Ventures’ “2015 State of The Cyber Nation Report”, Israel’s cybersecurity startups are raising more seed capital, compared to other Israeli startups, and are seeing increases in capital funding across all stages of investment. Cybersecurity startups hold a premium position within Israel’s investment ecosystem and the country’s cybersecurity industry as a whole is second only to the U.S. According to the report, approximately 15 percent of all startups established in 2015 have already secured seed funding, raising an average of $2.5 million. Read More>>

Europe Wants a Dream Chaser, the New Reusable Spaceplane

NASA recently awarded the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) a commercial contract to ferry cargo—and eventually astronauts—to and from the International Space Station. SNC will now be stacked up against SpaceX and Orbital ATK. However, it turns out that besides NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) has also been eyeing on SNC’s compact spaceplane ‘The Dream Chaser’ and has also committed to contributing 33 million Euros for its development. Read More>>