An absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Google Analytics for your website

Knowing website traffic gives you a better view of how your site is doing and allows you to understand what improvements can be made to maximize conversion. Google Analytics is one of the free services that help you track and report website traffic. It provides insight into the demographics of site visitors, the performance of a specific campaign, and how long people are staying on your site. Read More>>

Should you use Twitter’s new conversational ads?

Social media has always been a platform to drive customer conversations. Thus the introduction of conversational ads by Twitter took notice. Currently in beta, the ads are being touted as a way for businesses to “drive more earned media and brand influence” and “extends their presence across Twitter.” Consumers are encouraged to participate in brand led discussions by sharing predetermined brand messages and hashtags. Read More>>

Kapor Capital Will Start Requiring New Portfolio Startups To Invest In Diversity And Inclusion

Kapor Capital recognizes that diversity can lead to better ideas, new revenue streams and bigger profits and so wants its portfolio companies to progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion. They recently launched the “Founders’ Commitment,” a four-part roadmap for startups to foster diverse and inclusive cultures early on. The idea came from Kapor Capital’s portfolio companies last summer, and the firm hopes that it will inspire similar initiatives in Silicon Valley and in tech as a whole. Read More>>

Orbital ATK tests 3D-printed hypersonic engine combustor

Orbital ATK successfully tested a 3D-printed hypersonic engine combustor at NASA Langley Research Center. The combustor was produced through an additive manufacturing process known as powder bed fusion. Tests included exposure to a variety of high-temperature hypersonic flight conditions during a 20-day period and also included one of the longest recorded duration propulsion wind tunnel tests.Read More>>

Universities Race to Nurture Start-Up Founders of the Future

The Rice University in Houston offers academic courses in entrepreneurship strategy and financing, extracurricular start-up workshops and a summer program for students seeking to start companies. It recently announced a multimillion-dollar “entrepreneurship initiative” to develop more courses and programs in the subject. Even Princeton offers a variety of entrepreneurship courses and Harvard opened an Innovation Lab in 2011 that has helped start more than 75 companies. Read More>>

Should You Skip the Startup?

Entrepreneurs who choose to buy and grow companies have different considerations than those who start from scratch. As an entrepreneur looking to buy an existing business, you may not want to lay out your entire strategy to anyone who will listen, but the freedom to get feedback about the product from trusted advisors—and to buy and test it yourself—can help formulate that strategy. Read More>>

What Can — Or Should — Internet Companies Do To Fight Terrorism?

Social media platforms are under pressure to do more to take down messages and videos intended to promote terrorist groups and recruit members. Lawmakers in Congress are considering a bill that calls on President Obama to come up with a strategy to combat the use of social media by terrorist groups. The Department of Homeland Security is working on a plan to study social media posts as part of the visa application process before certain people are allowed to enter the country. Read More>>