Cyber-security VCs Discuss Their Top Investment Criteria

As organizations of all sizes try to protect themselves against a seemingly endless onslaught of adversaries and online threats, IT security is one of the hottest markets in technology today. Venky Ganesan, managing director at Menlo Ventures says that, “Cyber-security is not a trend; it’s a permanent long-term unfortunate issue that we all have to deal with as a cost of modern-day technology use”. In his view, one of the next major waves of innovation and growth for the cyber-security industry will come from breach-detection vendors. Breach-detection technologies help organizations identify breaches as well as provide guidance on how to patch and fix the breach. Read More>>

The explanation for tech’s diversity problem: invisible capital

Investors tend to invest in people who remind them of themselves. The traits someone is born with, gender, race, socioeconomic status, plays a key role in gaining access to the networks. Among immigrants, many break into Silicon Valley circles through elite universities, which have strong ties to the Valley and the coveted venture capital funding. Read More>>

These London High-Rises Are A Massive Experiment In Co-Living

An abandoned office building in London is turning into one of the world’s largest experiments in co-living. Residents will have private space to sleep, storage, a bathroom, and a kitchenette which may or may not be shared. They’ll also have access to 12,000 square feet of shared living space, including full kitchens, a library, a spa, a “secret garden,” and a theater. The building is developed by The Collective, a London based startup along with several other co-living spaces around the city. Read More>>

With new ad, Amazon suggests its drone delivery program is real

The e-commerce giant, Amazon recently released an ad suggesting that its Prime Air delivery drones are very real. Amazon also offered specifics about the drone. The custom-built drone is equipped with two propeller systems so it can fly vertically and horizontally. Weighing in at 55 pounds, the drone stays within government regulations of flying no more than 400 feet high.  Read More>>

A beginner’s guide to display advertising

Display ads are the boxes on websites. They can be along the top of web pages such as the traditional banner ad, or the larger text billboard, they can also be videos. There are countless combinations of formats, sizes, and styles, allowing you to mix it up which illustrates the flexibility of display ads.

Display ads also travel far. The search giants can match your ads up to websites and apps based on keywords or your own targeting preferences. They’re also fairly straightforward to measure. Display advertising analytics allow you to track the number of clicks, impressions and conversions the ad has generated in real-time, giving you an up-to-date picture of what is resonating with consumers. Read More>>

Blue Origin Completes Historic First Reusable Suborbital Flight

Blue Origin, LLC (Blue Origin) is a private company developing vehicles and technologies to enable commercial human space transportation and has a long-term vision of greatly increasing the number of people that fly into space so that  humans can continue exploring the solar system. They recently announced that their New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet. The New Shepard space vehicle designed by Blue Origin is fully reusable and operated from Blue Origin’s West Texas launch site. Read More>>

Google Fiber Forecast To Become Your Next Internet Provider Under New Name

Google Fiber is a new project launched by Google for providing broadband internet and cable television to a small and slowly increasing number of locations. As of March 2015, Google Fiber had 27,000 televisions. The service, with 1000 Mbps downloads and uploads speeds, is 100 times faster than the Internet connection that most people have today. That means no more buffering videos; cloud gaming that doesn’t slow down the entire house, and the genesis of HD videoconferencing. And it’s cheap. Read more>>

Why Customer Match is the biggest thing to happen to email since Hotmail

Google recently released Customer Match, a feature that gives advertisers the ability to upload a batch of email addresses to Google. This ultimately provides targeting capabilities to specific customers that were previously unavailable. Features like Customer Match or Custom Audiences are expected to revolutionize digital advertising, especially within the email marketing sphere. The future of digital marketing is integrated and cross-channel and email is the key to cross-channel identity. Read More>>

The End Of The Startup Gold Rush, Absurd Burn Rates And Tourist VCs

Tech investments and VC activities have climbed to their highest levels since 2000 last year, however there’s a growing sentiment that we’ve reached a precipice. The combination of various factors is leading to some prognostication about the possibility of another tech bubble, but the author thinks that we’re not heading toward 2001 or 2008 again. Instead, what we’re experiencing now is more indicative of the market’s tolerance for higher-risk investments. In the financial world, this phenomenon is often referred to as risk-on, risk-off investing, and it tends to create herd-like behavior. Read More>>