Hooked Is An App For Readers Who Think Fiction Should Be More Like Text Messaging

Entrepreneurs of startup Telepathic, which is launching its first app, Hooked are thinking of commissioning short stories that take the form of text message conversations. Instead of turning pages, you tap the screen to bring on the next message. The husband-and-wife team Parag Chordia and Prerna Gupta  sold their last startup, Khush, to music app-maker Smule and announced that Telepathic has raised $1.2 million in new funding, bringing its total raised to $1.9 million. Read More>>

Who Invests In Hardware Startups?

Since 2010, venture capital investment in hardware startups is up by more than 30x. This explosion in hardware funding is due to increase in private hardware investors which can be categorized in three buckets: Hardware-only VCs, Hardware-friendly micro VCs, and Hardware-friendly traditional VCs. A few breakout companies like GoPro and Fitbit have paved the way in proving that hardware companies can be tremendously profitable. Read More>>

How Google Will Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Google has updated a patent for a wrist-worn device with removable headset that has multiple sensors and can collect data such as heart rate, skin conductivity, movement rate, and frequency.

The wrist-worn device has the ability to collect data through sensors while the user sleeps, exercises, or goes about their daily activities. When reconnected to the head unit, the device may provide this data to the head unit for further analysis or processing. Read More>>

Modern Strategies from Ancient Greece

How can altering the trajectory of brand strategy impact reputation and revenue? New results from The CMO Survey indicate a strong intent to take on riskier growth strategies aimed at selling new products to new consumers. Large companies are thinking more like start-ups and evoking the behaviours of a pivot: a strategic course correction meant to change the trajectory of a company. Read More>>

Air Force Reforms Would Speed Up Technology Acquisitions

Pentagon is considering Silicon Valley as its top destination to lure the tech industry. Currently, many innovative companies would not work with the Defense department because of the way how Pentagon does business. However, The Air Force is testing a new contracting approach that it believes will help lower the cost of its information systems and harness the latest technology trends. To motivate contractors and encourage new entrants to the market, the Air Force is promising to speed up the procurement cycle and to use simpler contracting mechanisms. Read More>>

Startups attract billions for ‘frontier tech’

According to a new research from CB Insights, Startups developing technology related to drones, space, augmented reality and virtual reality collectively pooled $3.15 billion in venture capital through 183 deals in the 18 months spanning January 2014 to June 2015.

The acceleration of deals means that the drone industry is maturing. CB Insights calculates that drone startups have raised $285 million across 58 deals. Read More>>

Corporate venture: A growing segment of the venture ecosystem

The venture capital industry has grown and matured over the last 50-plus years. With the recent rise of crowdfunding platforms and angel investing, many new and different players have emerged as active and engaged participants in the venture capital ecosystem.

One critical element of it all is corporate venture capital, a mature and growing segment of the venture capital ecosystem. Beyond their representation in the NVCA, corporate venture groups are flexing their muscle across all sectors of our economy. Read More>>