Astronauts Sent Whiskey, But Even Without Gravity They Can’t Raise A Glass

Japan sent a cargo shipment to the International Space Station with nearly 10,000 pounds of much needed supplies. Among the shipments were Whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. However, the bottles will not be cracked open as they are a part of a scientific experiment to see how the “mellowness” of the spirits is affected by microgravity and by lack of convection. Read More>>

This startup is building a Keurig for fresh herbs

A new startup, Click and Grow has brought the coffee cartridge craze to vegetables.  The startup had its first success by selling smaller versions of Click and Grow plant line. The product is a complete smart farm built into an IKEA kitchen counter and can hold 60 vegetables.  The plants are not genetically modified but they still grow faster and contain more nutrients. Read More>>

Harley-Davidson Raises Twitter Periscope For Global Product Reveal

Recently, Harley-Davidson used Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming application to stream a global product reveal. The motorcycle maker showed off two new Dark Custom bikes which are characterized as the most powerful cruiser lineup in its history. Periscope is a mobile-device social app, wherein a live stream only stays up for 24 hours and the contents get promulgated through social sharing. Read More>>

Elysium Space Finds A Taker For Its Moon Memorials

A San Francisco based company Elysium Space is all set to launch its space burial service.  Elysium has designed small metallic cubes to hold portions of the cremated remains of loved ones and its now selling a service to launch clusters of these capsules into orbit or land them upon the lunar surface.  The first burial will be the mother of Steve Jenks who lost her life to cancer. Read More>>

Rethinking Carbon Dioxide: From a Pollutant to an Asset

Global greenhouse gas emission is still on rise despite of the attempts to control them. Scientists are now thinking of tackling things differently. A handful of prominent scientists are developing technologies to remove carbon dioxide from air and recycle it for other beneficial uses. The ideas are financed by well-to-do investors along with venture capitals. Read More>>

The vanishing public company

The number of publicly trading firms in the U.S. is now less than any time during the past 40 years. U.S. is having a listing gap when compared to other countries and also with its own recent history. The number of listed firms going public is falling due to the combination of fewer firms going public and more delisting. This makes the U.S. less financially mature than it was in 1996 or 1975. Read More>>

Who Is Buying Adult Coloring Books?

Adult coloring is currently trending as a pacifying recreational hobby and the demands for adult coloring products have grown dramatically. This hobby is described as an alternate form of meditation for adults. There are various versions designed to cater to different needs. Some adult coloring books focus on floral pattern while others feature inspirational quotes or cityscape. Read More>>


Mark Russell, CEO of Hypersciences has received a patent for his projectile-based drilling system. There is lots of energy under the Earth’s crust and to harness it we would have to bore more than two miles. While current drilling process is very expensive and slow, Russell claims that his method of repeatedly firing projectiles into the Earth’s crust is ten times faster than traditional drilling. Read More>>

Behind the scenes with Facebook’s new solar-powered Internet drone and laser technology

Facebook’s dream to blanket the planet with internet connectivity has led it to develop a huge solar powered aircraft. The Unmanned aircraft named “Aquila” has a wingspan of a Boeing 737. Aquila will beam internet signals to the rural areas on Earth that lack internet connectivity.  A small team of engineers spent 14 months building the plane. Read More>>