From the Editor

Marketing Techie is changing its name to InnoTrepTech. Inno is shorthand for Innovation. Trep is slang for Entrepreneurship and Tech is a brief version of Technology. Though no longer explicit in the name, marketing and other business disciplines related to starting and growing a venture remain a foundational part of the domain.

Since Marketing Techie was found by Glenn Omura in 1996, the newsletter and blog have been devoted to the confluence of technology based innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing. Innovation and entrepreneurship create change. As chroniclers of these forces, it is time for us to adopt a name that reflects the current technological environment.

We thank you for your support over the years (it cannot be twenty-three years,can it?). We ask for your help in keeping a current,curated site for readers interested in the intersection of technology, with business, with innovation and entrepreneurship. Please encourage your colleagues,students, friends and family to follow the blog and subscribe to the newsletter. Let us know how you are doing.

Best regards,

Michael Bowers,

Editor and Publisher

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