Why Investors Rank New Businesses By Leader Quality

It is quite foreseen that investors rank new businesses by leader quality. In other words, the entrepreneur quality is more important than the idea.
Research shows that CEO’s  who received high scores for character also achieved higher business results. The study insists that every entrepreneur needs to understand the importance of character and leadership which is the key to their growth and success, as much as the ability to attract investors. Read more>>

How to Avoid the Premature Scaling Death Trap

“Premature scaling” doesn’t sound all that sinister. It sounds, at the very worst, like some little business snafu – but it is nothing but a death trap for startups and the most overlooked predictor for startup failure. 

Scaling is the point in the existence of a startup where it experiences positive growth, whereas premature scaling happens when entrepreneurs start focusing on one dimension of the business and advancing it out of sync with the rest of the operation that ultimately leads to failure.  Read more>>