Zombie outbreak? Statistical mechanics reveal the ideal hideout

A team of researches at Cornell University explored how an “actual” zombie outbreak might play out in the U.S. The researchers modeled the mechanics of the zombies as a proxy to model a real disease outbreak. The project was an overview of modern epidemiology modeling, starting with differential equations to model a fully connected population, then moving on to lattice-based models, and ending with a full U.S.-scale simulation of an outbreak across the continental U.S. Read More>>


Teen hacks car with $15 worth of parts

A teenager built a device to wirelessly communicate with a car’s controller area network (CAN) and remotely control non-safety related equipment such as headlights, window wipers and the horn. He was also able to unlock the car and engage the vehicle’s remote start feature. All this with just $15 worth of Radio Shack parts. According to some security experts, infiltrating a vehicle’s CAN should be an arduous process that requires in-depth planning. However, auto manufactures are still looking for solutions as to how to diagnose an infiltration into a vehicle’s security systems. Read More>>

Virgin Galactic Opens New Design and Manufacturing Facility for LauncherOne

Virgin Galactic’s, Launcher One has expanded its scope by launching a facility that will house design and manufacturing for the small satellite launch vehicle, which is located at the Long Beach Airport. It was designed specifically to launch commercial or governmental satellites that weigh 500 pounds (225 kilograms) or less. It gives customers the ability to avoid crowded and expensive launch ranges while also picking the launch location best suited for their mission. Read More>>

Pebble Kickstarts New Smart Watch

The much anticipated smart watch by Apple which was set to launch this April has some competitors on its hands. Wearable device manufacturer Pebble, which debuted its first smart watch in 2013, returned to its roots by teasing a new watch model. The new wearable, called Pebble Time, features a new, always-on and glare resistant color e-paper display that promises to provide up to seven days of battery life and a microphone to allow users to respond to messages with verbal commands. It also features a new “timeline” display that will show users the most important events on their calendars. Read More>>

VR Devices To Explode In The Next Five Years

The newest member on the electronic block are virtual reality headsets and projection devices. Studies show that shipment of the same will explode, from 3 million in 2015 to 55 million in 2020. Right now, the devices fall into three types of categories: stand-alone, mobile-reliant (headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard, which connect to phones), and tethered (like Oculus Rift, which connects to some sort of external device). Out of the three, mobile-reliant devices will likely see the biggest early success. Read More>>

Take a Break for Goodness Sake

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have conformed that people with lood alcohol level (BAC) was slightly less than .08 percent performed better in a creative task than did their sober counterparts. This does not encourage drinking rather it tells us that thinking about work when you are jogging, falling asleep, sitting on the beach, swimming etc could help u achieve the eureka moment. Read More>>