ViaSat, Boeing prep satellite-based broadband system

A global satellite broadband network has been announced by ViaSat and Boeing. The venture is meant to enable regional operators around the world to offer broadband services. ViaSat-2 is expected to cover seven times the geographic area and offer twice the bandwidth economics advantage of its former model, which the two claim is currently the highest capacity satellite in orbit. Read More>>

FAA: Business Jet Fleet To Grow Over Next Two Decades

The FAA have foretasted that the business jet fleet are projected to grow at an average rate of 2.8% a year from 2014 through 2035. Overall, the active general aviation fleet is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 0.4% over the 21-year forecast, from an estimated 198,860 aircraft in 2014 to 214,260 by 2035. FAA have also stated that while the business jet market is projected to grow, the piston-powered aircraft market is expected to decline in the future. Read More>>

I Beat A Patent Troll And You Can Too

The article by Chris Hulls, the chief executive of the family networking and communication service, Life360, talks about how Chris battled against patent trolls. Chris believes that fellow VC’S should not give in to these patent trolls and should look to battle these companies even if it means taking the matter to court. Chris also provides some valuable tips to Venture capitalists in this article in regards to patent trolls. Read More>> 


Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have conformed that people with lood alcohol level (BAC) was slightly less than .08 percent performed better in a creative task than did their sober counterparts. This does not encourage drinking rather it tells us that thinking about work when you are jogging, falling asleep, sitting on the beach, swimming etc could help u achieve the eureka moment. Read More>>

Investors Are Drooling Over Two New Craigslist Competitors. One Might Raise $100 Million.

Two new start ups OfferUp and VarageSale, have a similar mission to take down craigslist. Both these companies make mobile apps that people use to quickly buy and sell stuff from other people who live in their towns. OfferUp is in the process of raising an investment round that could fetch between $60 million and $100 million. Both OfferUp and VarageSale have secretly raised money from two of the biggest names in venture capital — Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital. Read More>>

Virgin Galactic Opens New Design and Manufacturing Facility for LauncherOne

Virgin Galactic’s, LauncherOne has expanded its scope by launching a facility that will house design and manufacturing for the small satellite launch vehicle, which is located at the Long Beach Airport. It was designed specifically to launch commercial or governmental satellites that weigh 500 pounds (225 kilograms) or less. It gives customers the ability to avoid crowded and expensive launch ranges while also picking the launch location best suited for their mission. Read More>>