What Matters Most for Marketing in 2015?

Salesforce.com has released a report offering a strategic insight into key priorities for marketers in the coming months. Salesforce surveyed more than 5,000 marketers around the world to compile the findings in its second annual report. the survey found that marketers are planning to spend more on social media advertising, social media marketing, location-based mobile tracking, mobile apps and e-mail marketing to create cohesive customer journeys. Also 84 percent responded to increase or maintain marketing budgets in 2015, with social and mobile marketing topping the priorities list. Read More>>

U.S. Venture Capital Investment Spanned 160 Cities in 2014

Venture capitalists invested $48.3 billion into companies located in 160 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in 2014. The venture community continues to invest in entrepreneurs founding innovative companies in regions across the U.S., deploying capital to more cities in 2014 than any year in the past five years. The article also provides with lists of cities in which venture capitalists have been investing more money. Read More>>

With $2.1M In Funding, GrubMarket Connects Consumers With Local Farms And Food Producers

As a growing number of consumers have become more conscious of where their food comes from and as consumers prefer products delivered to their door step. GrubMarket looks to take advantage of  these growing trends among consumers. To capitalize on those trends, GrubMarket offers up a marketplace through which consumers can buy food from local farms and producers. Once they’ve chosen from various different options, GrubMarket does the work of picking up those products from local producers and delivering them to consumers. Read More>>

Big Data and the CMO: Only the Tech-Savvy Survive

Technology is being used more in the marketing functions, as opposed to being used just as a customer service platform, thus based on this, the International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a study and concluded that By 2018, one-fourth of CMOs and CIOs will share a roadmap for marketing technology. The use of technology and data centricity has become so important to marketers that even tech companies are positioning themselves to target those in marketing roles. The fact that data and software is moving from the ‘back office’ to the ‘front office’ is something that’s been happening for the last couple of years. That’s one of the factors driving companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco to re-focus their sales forces, which have traditionally focused on relationships with the CIO and CTO, to the relationship with the CMO. Read More>>

Are Consumers Gaming You? Let Them, Says Mindshare Study

A survey which involved 2000 US consumers showed that just 47 percent reported that “advertising helps them learn more about the products companies have to offer, while 66 percent of respondents feel they are “always being marketed to.” But the study also found that 47 percent of respondents have attempted to purchase airline tickets on days prices are lower, and 31 percent admitted to intentionally leaving items in online shopping carts in hopes of receiving a discount from the store via email or native ad. Read More>>

Broadband Providers Say Consumers Don’t Need Speeds Of 25 Mbps

Internet service providers respond to Federal Communications Commission’s decision to redefine broadband speeds of at least 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. The trade group argues that the FCC’s definition of broadband should reflect the speeds that people need for “current” and “regular” services. Internet service providers say that regular users can stream Netflix and other services well below 25 Mbps while FCC say that an average household stream at least 3 to 4 devices at a time which would require higher speeds. Read More>>

Is Google’s Schmidt Right? Will the Internet Disappear?

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google feels the internet will disappear soon. Eric feels that at one point there will be so many IP addresses, device sensors etc that internet will be a part of our life even without us knowing. Thus his statement tthough misleading but true as people in the future will become so accustomed to using the Internet in so many different contexts that they won’t think about ‘going online’ in the way we do today. Read More>>

Verizon Under Fire Over Zombie Cookies

Verizon, along with one of its advertising partners are getting called on the carpet for their privacy practices.
Turn is using Verizon’s UIDH tracking header to tap into deleted tracking cookies and share them with dozens of major Web sites. Last year, people called it the supercookie because it continued to track users even after they cleared their caches or turned on private browsing. Jonathan Mayer, a computer scientist and lawyer at Stanford, has launched a full-blown investigation into these zombie cookies. Read More>>

Wendy’s Drops Soda From Kids’ Menus

Wendy’s has joined its contemporaries in dropping sugary sodas from their children’s meal menus. McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Arby’s and Panera, among others, have already incorporated the same on their menus. Wendy’s’ move, which is already in effect, was first revealed in a press release sent out by the nonprofit nutrition watchdog Center for Science in the Public Interest. They believe that they are taking a responsible step forward that will improve children’s health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children. Read More>>