New Video-Based Social Network Ocho, Backed By Mark Cuban, Raises $1.65M

Ocho – a new video-based social network tailored specifically for iPhone users has found its undettered investors in Mark Cuban, Bill Lohse, and several others who are betting on the same although there is no shortage of video-snippet sharing services. The investors just helped Ocho raise $1.65 million in seed funding, which will be used to build out the service, and secure partnerships. Ocho allows users to capture eight-second videos. Presented as a news feed, Ocho videos can be ported across devices including Apple TV. Read More>>

Computer experts push Supreme Court to hear Google’s appeal in API copyright case

The Supreme Court was urged to review a controversial ruling that allowed Oracle to claim copyright on APIs, which are an essential building block for many everyday software operations by a group of prominent computer scientists. The brief was filed in support of Google which lost earlier in May to Oracle, which sued the former for patent and copyright infringement over use of the Java APIs. Read More>>

US Lawmakers Press NATO Secretary General To Buy Ships Meant for Russia


Eight lawmakers from the United States are pressing NATO’s new secretary general to purchase French warships which are currently bound for Russia. They believe that France may incur a financial burden if they refuse to transfer these warships. Hence, a renewal has been proposed that NATO purchase or leases the warships as a common naval asset, which was instigated due to the Russian government actions. Read More>>

After Mars, India space chief aims for the moon

India decides to expand its horizon on low-budget missions to the moon and the sun after successfully becoming the first country in Asia to reach Mars. What sets the Indian space mission apart is the shoestring budget of achieving this feat, when its unnamed Mangalyaan spacecraft slipped into the Red Planet’s orbit after a 10-month journey. India ranks among the top six space-faring nations in technological capabilities – after the US, Russia, the European Space Agency, Japan and China. Read More>>

How to make a diamond from scratch – with peanut butter


“If we want to understand how the Earth was formed, then one of the things you need to know is what planet is made out of,” explains Frost, A scientist at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany. Frost’s research involves attempts to mimic the conditions of the Earth’s lower mantle. As part of this work, Frost has found some surprising ways to make diamonds – from carbon dioxide and a bizarre ingredient peanut butter. His institute is looking at whether they can make artificial diamonds with different properties; doping the diamonds with boron might make better semiconductors for electronics that don’t heat up with use, for instance– one of the biggest wastes of energy in electronics at the moment. Read More>>


Dropoff Will Build Same-Day Delivery Right Into Your Business

Dropoff is looking to revolutionize the courier industry with its new services. Dropoff offers a web and mobile dashboard that lets you book a courier anytime, review prices before you start, get reliable ETAs and then track the package as it’s moving. Despite the competition, Dropoff hopes that its dedication to focusing on businesses only, not consumers, and specializing in industries outside of the usual grocery delivery, will pay off. Read More>>


A business failure is not the end of the world, but a life exploding crisis at the same time can take a toll on entrepreneurs. Uncertainty is part of the course of business. That includes crises; everything from typical ups and downs to dangers more existential. Entrepreneurs say these experiences have taught them a variety of lessons about leading in a crisis. Immediate actions such as saving time, reevaluating business strategies and utilizing resources on hand are some of the suggested battle plans. Read More>>

To Blast or Not to Blast?

The entire concept of email blasting divides email marketers like no other topic. Blast is considered as the global warming of email marketing. Some email marketers claim it’s a looming issue, detrimental to the ecosystem and proof that a systematic change is needed. Some use the term for personal gain or profit. Others deny there is any problem at all. The modern marketer feels that the word blast implies that no thought has been put into an email campaign and the term should be banished. Read More>>

Astronomers solve puzzle about bizarre object at the center of our galaxy


For several years, astronomers have quizzed the presence of a bizarre object in the center of the Milky Way that was believed to be a hydrogen gas cloud headed toward our galaxy’s enormous black hole. The object is now widely known as G2 by UCLA astronomers who have studied it during its closest approach to the black hole.

The body of G2 has fascinated many astronomers in recent years as it appears to be in an inflated stage. Astronomers believe that they are witnessing a phenomena about black holes that haven’t been watched anywhere else in the universe; a breakthrough into physics in a way that has never been possible before. Read More>>

A Counterintuitive System for Startup Compensation

Molly Graham, joined as an employee on Facebook when it had 400 employees but a clear compensation system wasn’t in place. This resulted in very little transparency and frustration in the workplace. Hence, Graham decided to set out to change this by going back to the basics with a solid standardized compensation system. Today, as Head of Business Operation at Quip, she believes that there is a simple, transparent system that will work for all startups. Read More>>