This French startup will dispatch a professional chef to your home



In the fast paced world people don’t have the time and patience to cook and La Belle Assiette, a French startup is looking to take advantage of this fact. The startup has raised $1.7 million and are looking to expand in the near future. The startup lets you search chefs by food type, popularity, and other criteria, and book one for a specific time. Your chef brings the ingredients, cooks, and cleans up before leaving. Meals range from $30 per person (ingredients included) to a lot more depending on who and what you order. The average booking is for six people at $55 per head. Read More>>

Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project

The magnetic coils inside the compact fusion (CF) experiment are critical to plasma containment, as pictured in this undated handout photo



Lockheed Martin has made a breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion. The reactor would be small enough to fit on the back of a truck. Lockheed has been working in the shadows on this project for a couple of years but now they went public to find some potential partners in the industry and government for their work. The project is aimed to help in developing new power sources to reduce increasing global conflicts over energy. Read More>>

Journalism startup Latterly doesn’t care about page views one bit


Journalism startup called Latterly will embark a unique and enterprising business model. Latterly will publish four new elaborate works of narrative journalism with characters, plot, conflict, resolution, and all on its website every month. The startup will charge readers $3 per month or $8 for a three-month subscription. The company will not look to for advertising on its website and will not care about the number of clicks on its website. The idea behind this is to focus more on quality of the startup rather than the quantity. Read More>>

Philosopher kings

To emerge as a successful leader in today’s business world without doing an outward-bound course is hard. Strange rituals such as spending a precious weekend in outdoor activities and enduring lectures on testing character and building trust do nothing more than enrich the companies that arrange them. It is time to replace this rite of managerial passage with something much more powerful: Rather than grappling with nature, business leaders would grapple with big ideas; through an intellectual chasm.

To become a real thought leader is to listen to a few great thinkers. You will learn far more about leadership from reading Thucydides’s hymn to Pericles than you will from a thousand leadership experts. Peter Drucker remained top amongst management gurus for 50 years not because he attended more conferences but because he marinated his mind in great books: for example, he wrote about business alliances with reference to marriage alliances in Jane Austen. Read More>>

At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce Joins the Analytics Wave

Salesforce unveils Wave, the name for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud; positioning it as the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. The end user does not have to be a technologist to draw insights from analytics in this cloud, because it is designed to let lay users explore data and take action from whatever device they happen to be using.

Fundamentally, this Analytics Cloud makes it possible for companies to deploy sales, service and marketing analytics — or build custom mobile analytics apps — using any data source. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte Digital and Informatica are already using Wave and will be on hand at Dreamforce to demonstrate how it works for their businesses. Read More>>

IPG Begins Buying Local Broadcast Programmatically: Can Target, Retarget Viewers In Near Real-Time

The most significant advancement yet to bring programmatic media-buying to local broadcast television, Interpublic’s Mediabrands unit today will unveil a new platform that will enable its agencies and clients to plan, buy, post and retarget local TV viewers with nearly the same precision as digital media, shifting ad budgets dynamically based on performance and consumer behavior.

This remarkable platform delivers what advertisers, agencies and local stations have been trying to achieve for decades, a direct electronic interchange enabling advertisers to see exactly what local broadcasters delivered in real-time, or as close as current technology can enable it. Read More>>

Thync raises 13 million for its brain stimulating electrodes

Thync announced on Oct. 8 that it had raised $13 million from investors to mine the intersection of neuroscience and consumer electronics. The company will began selling a Bluetooth enabled neurosignaling device sometime time next year. The device is a way to overcome our basic limitations as people enabling us to be focused, calm and creative when we need it. Thync is developing it as an alternative to mood-altering drugs such as alcohol or caffeine. Read More>>

Amazon to Open Its First Physical Store

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is to open a retail store in New York City according to Wall Street Journal. The store would try to fill the void of urgency in e-commerce. The store would serve as a showroom for customers to pick up, return and exchange items without having to depend on the U.S Postal service. The idea of a physical location has been toyed in the past but now Amazon have a chance to connect to their customers in real life. Meanwhile officials at Amazon have chosen not to comment on the rumor. Read More>>

Study: Connected healthcare device sales to surpass $3B by 2019

Connected healthcare device sales have been projected to exceed $3 billion globally by 2019, according to a report from analysis firm juniper Research. This growth can be partially attributed to Apple and Samsung’s newly launched health platforms, Samsung’s SAMI and Apple’s healthKit. Another report from research firm Visiongain found the mobile health market is expected to be valued at $6.7 billion by the end of 2014. Read More>>