Are Paid Platforms the Future of Social?

Bubblews and tsū, two new and upcoming websites have spawned a  new unorthodox social platforms. What makes these websites different is the fact that these sites share ad revenue with their members. Although both sites offer the unique service, they are both different in their own ways.

Tsū, which launched last week, has a signup that requires a code which can only be acquired from an existing member.Tsū keeps 10 percent of its revenue from advertising, sponsorship, and partnerships. The rest is distributed among the network based on the number of views during the ad’s run.

Bubblews, on the other hand, is a community of 200,000 members who call themselves “bubblers. Bubblews officially launched in July after two years of beta. Bubblews has open registration, awarding users one cent for every click, like, or share their posts receive. Read More>

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