Philosopher kings

To emerge as a successful leader in today’s business world without doing an outward-bound course is hard. Strange rituals such as spending a precious weekend in outdoor activities and enduring lectures on testing character and building trust do nothing more than enrich the companies that arrange them. It is time to replace this rite of managerial passage with something much more powerful: Rather than grappling with nature, business leaders would grapple with big ideas; through an intellectual chasm.

To become a real thought leader is to listen to a few great thinkers. You will learn far more about leadership from reading Thucydides’s hymn to Pericles than you will from a thousand leadership experts. Peter Drucker remained top amongst management gurus for 50 years not because he attended more conferences but because he marinated his mind in great books: for example, he wrote about business alliances with reference to marriage alliances in Jane Austen. Read More>>

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